cody bear's friends

puppies: today’s “spoonful of sugar”…helpin’ us choke down life
November 30, 2007, 4:56 am
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 in celebration of the new member of r & a’s “pseudo-springfield” pack, the gals got together for pizza and beer.




cheek swab shmeek shwab!
November 30, 2007, 1:25 am
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unraveling doggie dna (part 2): note the TONGUE folks:

this is a follow up to “who am i? where did i come from? can i have a cookie?”


note: i received cody bear’s results a week ago…but i was vacillating between “hopping mad” and incredulous.

the canine heritage breed test found ZERO chow in this overly fluffy, solid purple tongued, bear of a dog. they do claim to have found traces of….afghan hound. other than that, the test results are inconclusive.

greeeeaaaaat! money well spent. sorry collective hannah…we know you’re as disappointed as we are!

my job hates me
November 29, 2007, 2:30 pm
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i don’t hate my job. i hate the job i’m doing. things at work are NOT going well. i keep making mistakes, and even though my boss is being nice about it, you have to wonder….how much more will he allow.

yesterday we had a meeting about the mistakes being made at the office. it went well, and we had the meeting at a mexican restaurant. always fun.

my coworker likes it when i screw up. makes him look good. here is a dusty pc he was working on. typically the guys pick on me for always having my camera, but he actually yelled “hey, bring your camera!” nerd.


so, i was pretty sad last night. its not a hard job. and the mistakes i keep making are pretty bad for the company and just…pointless stupidity. i’ve never been the office idiot before, till now. its frustrating.

here is a picture of my cat with my golf clubs:


and here is cody bear’s friend hazel when she was a puppy:


chainsaw bear sneaks in, dog feels bad (kind of), and ballsy cat caught in the act
November 28, 2007, 3:44 am
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tonight: a dog and his emotion, an arboreal feral beast, winter ailment sets in.


let’s talk about the feral beast first. this cat has tormented my dog for over a year. after work tonight i let cody bear out, he runs “crazy like” in full on hunting mode. i, of course, think he’s just “being cody bear.” the cat…..was in the tree just about 6 feet above his little dog head. how dare that cat come into MY yard and hunt my DOG’S squirrels. a blatant disregard for boundaries. (hannah’s pet peeve alllll along)

here’s the villain now, after being spotted:


ya gotta love how the digicam chooses to focus on the lame tree branches and not the furry cat. what-EVER!

moving on:

first aid. the cold, dry air is setting in. everyone is suffering from …(prepare to wince)…cracking thumb skin. it hurts, and yet no one wants to talk about it.


it was off to the pharmacy to get: first aid tape, flexible fabric bandages, ultra-emolient handcream, ….well, you get the picture.

back to cheerier things:

cheery for cody bear, because i didn’t latch the bathroom door when i went to the pharmacy. “the bathroom garbage is my favorite of ALLLL garbages!” exclaims cody bear.


“i’m sorry i got into the garbage.”


“i swear, i’ll NEVER do it again…”


“get over it already lady, and give me a damn cookie!”

yes, that is a ruidoso chainsaw bear in the background! i love that little wooden guy!

kombi riders….are you out there?????
November 27, 2007, 5:07 pm
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time to mention the bike again. is there ANYONE who has one of these? i really want to talk to you. it is norwegian, dbs, kombi lux, one speed. i love this little bike, and i haven’t seen one like it. and trust me,….i have been looking.


the seat appeared to be falling apart, so i took off the nasty sheepskin tattered cover and behold:


…fine norwegian leather! PRIMA NORSK! check out the cute little bike logo on the metal plate.

does this sticker mean anything to anyone?


or this one?


took the bike out for a spin to the grocery last night. on the way back i was passing a woman walking her little cattle dog/corgi mix and a large dog attacked them. many of us streamed around trying to help. someone finally got the dog off the little one. it was upsetting to everyone. i felt bad after i realized i just dropped my little kombi in the rocks and ran. poor bike.

i also got new tires for the used TREK i just picked up. we’ll see how riding that thing goes….

give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day…
November 27, 2007, 5:40 am
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as some of you may recall, my friends gave me a bag of organic veggies from their farm when they found out i was spending turkey day alone. i was intimidated by the japanese turnips at first….but,….well….tonight i’m in love with those folks AND their crazy vegetable!

the following recipe is DELICIOUS and EASY as can possibly be. the hardest part will be finding the delicious veggies (particularly the turnips) for the dish.


Ingredients (for 2 people)

2 FRESH fillets of tilapia

8 sm. japanese (white egg) turnips (quartered)

5 cloves organic garlic (chopped BIG chunks)

1 FAT organic tomato (chopped in big chunks)

4 tbs olive oil, butter OR margarine (depending on your cholesterol level)


heat skillet

add butter or oil

add fish fillets and

add chunks of garlic

cook 4 minutes

add tomato chunks

after one more minute…flip

cook 1 more minute

add turnips

1 to 2 minutes then serve hot

IMPORTANT: you are only WARMING turnips, not cooking them. warm and crunchy turnips with the tangy tomatoes and chewy tilapia is what makes it so yummy!

“what did you drink?” you ask. i knowww your suppoooosed to drink white wine, but here’s the deal:

this dish is super garlic-y. and what goes great with garlic? RED WINE! one bite of garlic helps you identify the spices, fruits and woody flavors in any red wine, and in turn, the wine mellows the garlic in the dish.

have at it people!

for everyone, a frying pan
November 26, 2007, 8:58 pm
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yesterday i learned an astonishing tidbit of information:  bed, bath & beyond (the household goods mega-store) allows dogs!  any dog.  so, cody went on his first christmas shopping trip with me yesterday. (typically he shops on line)  no one in our family wanted anything from there, so…he got a new whistling tea kettle for his mama.  “thanks cody bear!”

but, we WILL go back and find something for everyone we know there.  frying pan?  kokopelli keychain holder?  orange clean spray?   mango scented slow burning votives?  decorative oven mitts?

poblano heaven!
November 26, 2007, 4:57 am
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tonight i went to r&a’s for their homemade chile rellenos.  i guarantee NO one had a better dinner than MEEEE tonight.  they have worked on his grandmother’s recipe and have come up with the tastiest dish!  chile rellenos are fantastic:

they stuff these giant poblano peppers with mexican cheese (a white thick and airy cheese that gets nice and gooey when it is in a warm dish) and they coat it in a light and fluffy batter of egg whites.  behold….the peppers:


they served them with black beans and rice and everything was so perfect.  oh, and it was all complimented by a hoppy bottle of sierra nevada beer.  i KNEW you’d be jealous.

a dinner gathering wouldn’t be complete without furry companions.  r and a have 4 dogs today, but tomorrow they will have five.

here is hoju: (watch out cody bear, he’s a lover!)


and here is barney, a very sweet and gentle giant:


many cool things happened today, but i will have to write about them tomorrow.  i had to start with the two most important things: dogs….and dinner.

back to work tomorrow.

“walk me.” – a mutt mantra
November 25, 2007, 6:10 pm
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cody bear is my mutt and i think he is a beautiful dog.  it frustrates me that i am a crummy photographer and my pictures do not do him justice.  i keep practicing though.

here he is before his morning walk.  “sigh…it looks really nice out there….wish i was walking….”


“why are you fooling around wit the stupid camera thing again?  go put your shoes on and take me for a WALK.”


as you can see, his is VERY convincing.  when a moping, self-pitying look doesn’t work, he eases into “menacing”.

the walk was lovely and invigorating.  he is a very good bear!  found a chicken bone, picked it up but dropped it as soon as i said “leave it.”  he actually kind of spit it out, which i’ve never seen a dog do.  very cute.

encountered some dogs, which he is usually afraid of them.  some of them barked at him, but instead of barking back, he whipped ’em the paw and continued on his walk with just some minimal squeaking.

…i choose a dog
November 21, 2007, 3:33 am
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tonight’s “the good…the bad…and the furry.” – a brief and personal “what’s hot, what’s not”


hot…my dog. not…the building our office is located in and the men within that building. here’s why:

obviously….dogs are what’s happenin’ cuz they’re all about unrequited love, cuddling and comfort. the building: not hot because i am trapped inside during work hours with various guys with their “man periods” and insensitive remarks. today’s situation. our landlord put a for rent sign out. someone inquired through MY door. i took him to meet landlord.

….landlord gets mad that i let him in the building.

apparently, the rental is a secret that no mortal can know about. (probably shouldn’t have put a SIGN out then. hmmmmm?)when the ethereal and approved being moves in….he’ll be another moody male.


hot? olives. not hot? post it warfare between office alpha male and coworker vying for his spot.

here’s how it plays out: boss gets in a tizzy about all the electronic-clutter coworker has acquired. coworker thrusts back with a pseudo environmental jab. one morning…..10 sticky notes passive aggressively placed before employee arrives. sour mood effects all.

but about those olives….my part time job was going to pay me with a teaching stipend, but the grant was “misappropriated” so i got gift cards, gift certificates, free this and that, etc. what do i do with free grocery gift cards? good question. LOVE olives. only buy them as a treat. tonight was a kalamata pitted heaven. “thank you local animal shelter!”


one last comparison:


here is a funky ass succulent and a mac mini. please…read on:

i bought this paddle plant when he was 6 inches tall. he’s now a 4 feet tall, turgid paddled thriving beast now. i hope he survives the first frost…because i love him. i love him in a way a woman loves an outdoor potted plant. now…the mac mini. fine. i don’t have a problem with macs. their potential in video and graphics is smashing. but here’s a big “boo” to apple for making it impossible to get into the mini without a putty knife. cheap trick to wrack up service bux.


one last combo of hot and not. dinner. brie, crackers and kalamata olives are good for the soul, but bad for the cholesterol. night all!