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kombi riders….are you out there?????
November 27, 2007, 5:07 pm
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time to mention the bike again. is there ANYONE who has one of these? i really want to talk to you. it is norwegian, dbs, kombi lux, one speed. i love this little bike, and i haven’t seen one like it. and trust me,….i have been looking.


the seat appeared to be falling apart, so i took off the nasty sheepskin tattered cover and behold:


…fine norwegian leather! PRIMA NORSK! check out the cute little bike logo on the metal plate.

does this sticker mean anything to anyone?


or this one?


took the bike out for a spin to the grocery last night. on the way back i was passing a woman walking her little cattle dog/corgi mix and a large dog attacked them. many of us streamed around trying to help. someone finally got the dog off the little one. it was upsetting to everyone. i felt bad after i realized i just dropped my little kombi in the rocks and ran. poor bike.

i also got new tires for the used TREK i just picked up. we’ll see how riding that thing goes….


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Kjolig sykkel!!

Comment by Dave

Hi man,

I have one of the small once. My darling is from 1968 and have original parts only (except from the tiers).

Those bikes actualy have two speeds. If you move the pedals backwords (just before the brakes turn in) you may switch between high and low

Comment by Andreas

hey andreas,
thanks for the information. i will check the speeds out. is yours a dbs, as well? i think everything is original on mine. the grips are a mess, though, so i may have to replace them.
where did you get yours? i got mine from some 90 year old woman and have no idea where she got it from.

Comment by goodbear

thanks for pointing out the 2 gears to me. i didn’t even know that feature was there. so great that it has the hand break, too.
thanks so much!

Comment by goodbear

Yep, love the 2 speeds, found that out after hitting the brakes. I will check out if mine has the seat logo and any other similar features. I live in Norway, so maybe not so strange for me finding this beauty. Didn’t cost a kroner either..

Comment by Fern

hmmmm. well, fern, i’m in america….so you’re my official source for parts. (though…. i doubt i will ever need any. these bikes seem pretty rugged!)

Comment by goodbear


Sorry, i forgot to check back for new posts. And I did not get a new reminder though my ‘dbs kombi’ Google Alert.

Yes, my one to is a DBS, but i do not have all the original stickers on it.

The spring is comming up here in Oslo these days, so it’s soon time to fresh the bike up and hit the wheel.

Comment by Andreas

i have the exact same bike as you!
it was sitting around in my grandparents’ shed, and i just took it out and cleaned it up.
does your taillight work?!?!

Comment by matt

really matt! no, the light doesn’t light. i just thought it was a reflector.
do you ride yours?
i love this bike!

Comment by goodbear

I am looking for tires and tubes for my DBS Kombi tamdem? I would apprectiate any help!

Comment by Jill

I have one to, just bougth it on a fleemarket. The frame number tels its from 1975 but my brother has one from 1978 to. You can get parts and acessories from And all original parts at Mine look as it have bigger wheels than yours. These bikes seems to last forever, not even rusting much. Nice to know they still are in dayly us not only in Norway 🙂

Comment by Kristian Strømmen

[…] have two bikes! an old 2 speed kombi lux from norway, and a trek multi-track 720 that really needs a tune up.  i used the kombi to get […]

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can somebody tell me if anyone is willing to sell one of these great bikes !i owned one before i joined the navy.mine was blue .loved the 2 speeds.i once rode mine from hollywood to downtown la! was great bike and always liked it the best out all bikes i had

Comment by john

i have 2 kinds of that bike do you whant lux or perfekt?

Comment by rickard Swe

Hello, I just acquired a pristine DBS Sport Ladies bike the serial # is 4206048 can anyone tell me what year it is and what it might be worth, This bike is a collectors item original tire that hold air ( 26 x 1 5/8 x 1/1/2)all light work and it in perfect condition , i have pictures available Thank You ,it’s very hard to find much info on this Brand. Wayne

Comment by Wayne Obleness

nice kombi you got 😀 the dbs kombi is very rare outside of Norway. i got 2 kombis,one green and one orange.the orange one is the most rarest because it has a text “Flowers” and stickers that looks like flowers wich is inspired by the hippie culture in the 60`s and the early 70`s

Comment by kombirider

I just picked up a Kombi from a friend. A green one with the 2-speed kickback and a ladybug logo. It needs some parts. I’m really looking forward to getting it on the road.

Comment by Scott

Hello, I know this posts are very old, but I Have a Kombi Lux with every available option, exept for the light. ;(

Does anybody knows how much they are worth?

Comment by Jesse

I have two of these. Bought them from LL Bean in 1973 I think. Still have both of them and they are almost mint condition and a blast. Great for packing into the car (two pieces). Bombproof.


Comment by Rick

Me to like to have a DBS Kombi. I am here in Norway,(Namsos) and i will be happy if any one can help me to get 1 or 2 of that type of bike.
My e-mail is:

Comment by Tore Kongshaug

there are a couple kombi groups on facebook. you may want to contact some of those members, tore, as many appear to be in europe.

Comment by goodbear

i’m from norway, and almost everyone living in oslo have one of those bikes. if you dont have one yourself, you probably have got a grandmother with one 🙂 It’s super awsome

Comment by Guro

Hi there,
I have a DBS Kombi Lux folder, that I bought in absolute original state, (inner tubes and all). Just a short tip. Lift of the entire seat post and see if you still got the mini air pump that came with the bike.

Comment by torsten

Hi i have one og the new dbs combi bilkes with chimano Four speed and i love it.

Comment by Michael h Hansen

Hey group. I have an old Kombi Maxi. Not sure of the year (guessing early 70’s) as the sticker is quite worn, but can still just make out the first part of “NORWAY” on it. The tires are quite worn and I’m having a hard time finding replacements. Any suggestions? I live in Helsinki, Finland, BTW…

Comment by Tyson Garrett

@tyson garrett, i went to an independent cycle shop in my town and they had to special order the tires from me. not sure where, but it didn’t take them long to get them.
that was in u.s.a. though.

Comment by goodbear

I know this is an old post, but I have one of these. I live in California and it seems that there are not many of these bikes in America. I would love to learn m,ore about it, like how do i get the light to work and what is the little knob on the side of the frame for. I also need an original seat and chainguard for mine. it is a 1975

Comment by sean

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