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chainsaw bear sneaks in, dog feels bad (kind of), and ballsy cat caught in the act
November 28, 2007, 3:44 am
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tonight: a dog and his emotion, an arboreal feral beast, winter ailment sets in.


let’s talk about the feral beast first. this cat has tormented my dog for over a year. after work tonight i let cody bear out, he runs “crazy like” in full on hunting mode. i, of course, think he’s just “being cody bear.” the cat…..was in the tree just about 6 feet above his little dog head. how dare that cat come into MY yard and hunt my DOG’S squirrels. a blatant disregard for boundaries. (hannah’s pet peeve alllll along)

here’s the villain now, after being spotted:


ya gotta love how the digicam chooses to focus on the lame tree branches and not the furry cat. what-EVER!

moving on:

first aid. the cold, dry air is setting in. everyone is suffering from …(prepare to wince)…cracking thumb skin. it hurts, and yet no one wants to talk about it.


it was off to the pharmacy to get: first aid tape, flexible fabric bandages, ultra-emolient handcream, ….well, you get the picture.

back to cheerier things:

cheery for cody bear, because i didn’t latch the bathroom door when i went to the pharmacy. “the bathroom garbage is my favorite of ALLLL garbages!” exclaims cody bear.


“i’m sorry i got into the garbage.”


“i swear, i’ll NEVER do it again…”


“get over it already lady, and give me a damn cookie!”

yes, that is a ruidoso chainsaw bear in the background! i love that little wooden guy!

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That cat looks huge. Are you sure a mountain lion didn’t sneak into the photo?

Comment by Dave

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