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my job hates me
November 29, 2007, 2:30 pm
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i don’t hate my job. i hate the job i’m doing. things at work are NOT going well. i keep making mistakes, and even though my boss is being nice about it, you have to wonder….how much more will he allow.

yesterday we had a meeting about the mistakes being made at the office. it went well, and we had the meeting at a mexican restaurant. always fun.

my coworker likes it when i screw up. makes him look good. here is a dusty pc he was working on. typically the guys pick on me for always having my camera, but he actually yelled “hey, bring your camera!” nerd.


so, i was pretty sad last night. its not a hard job. and the mistakes i keep making are pretty bad for the company and just…pointless stupidity. i’ve never been the office idiot before, till now. its frustrating.

here is a picture of my cat with my golf clubs:


and here is cody bear’s friend hazel when she was a puppy:


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My last job was like that. They figured because I was younger that I must be the one making all the mistakes, so they just blamed all the bad stuff on me. I eventually quit. Your situation is a little different though. I think there’s a learning curve with every job, so just hang in there. Are there any good people that you get to work with??

Comment by Doozywhoop

hey doozy, thanks for the understanding. its sort of similar. they’re the male techies…and i’m the girl. therefore…i’m the office dumb dum.

i’ll stick it out until i decide what to do with my life. (which i feel i should have figured out 10 years ago!)

Comment by goodbear

You play golf? Cool! What’s golf?

Comment by Checkers

golf balls are the only balls not fun for dogs. they aren’t soft, they don’t squeak, they don’t bounce, they don’t taste good. worthless stupid toys.
but people like to make fools of themselves by whacking them with sticks and the getting mad at them when they land in what is called a “ruff!”
how can anything that is “ruff” be bad????

Comment by goodbear

Golf sounds silly. If I was a person I bet I’d love it!

Comment by Checkers

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