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November 30, 2007, 1:25 am
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unraveling doggie dna (part 2): note the TONGUE folks:

this is a follow up to “who am i? where did i come from? can i have a cookie?”


note: i received cody bear’s results a week ago…but i was vacillating between “hopping mad” and incredulous.

the canine heritage breed test found ZERO chow in this overly fluffy, solid purple tongued, bear of a dog. they do claim to have found traces of….afghan hound. other than that, the test results are inconclusive.

greeeeaaaaat! money well spent. sorry collective hannah…we know you’re as disappointed as we are!

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That’s why I don’t want to have DNA done on my Chihuahua (“cuz I suspect there is another type of dog in the wood pile).

You should read my blog, “DOGGY DNA?”

Comment by 4urpets

My owner told me purple tongue means one thing-Chow stuff in there somehow. That’s amazing. Tell cody bear he can be whatever and whomever he wants to be!

Comment by Checkers


my family has a dog with the same short ears, cute eye make-up and smile, and oh yes, the purple tongue. he’s more orange than cody bear and he was born to a rottweiler mommy. we always assumed his dad was a chow– until we found out shar peis also have purple tongues. in addition, chow chow ears stand straight up and shar peis have “clam shell” ears that are small, but fold over, like our dog’s and cody bear’s.

so maybe cody bear is part fluffy-breed and shar pei! you never know. . . but if they are part shar pei thank goodness they both came out of the wash wrinkle-free!

Comment by Chelsea

hey chelsea! thanks for stopping by our blog!
i have heard that about sharpeis, too. and i admit…we retested. genomics gave us a free test because the results were so silly.
he loves people way too much to be much chow, if any, but…so many people have asked me if he’s pure chow. i just don’t see pure chow, but oh well. do you have a picture of your family dog on line?

Comment by goodbear

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