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poblano heaven!
November 26, 2007, 4:57 am
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tonight i went to r&a’s for their homemade chile rellenos.  i guarantee NO one had a better dinner than MEEEE tonight.  they have worked on his grandmother’s recipe and have come up with the tastiest dish!  chile rellenos are fantastic:

they stuff these giant poblano peppers with mexican cheese (a white thick and airy cheese that gets nice and gooey when it is in a warm dish) and they coat it in a light and fluffy batter of egg whites.  behold….the peppers:


they served them with black beans and rice and everything was so perfect.  oh, and it was all complimented by a hoppy bottle of sierra nevada beer.  i KNEW you’d be jealous.

a dinner gathering wouldn’t be complete without furry companions.  r and a have 4 dogs today, but tomorrow they will have five.

here is hoju: (watch out cody bear, he’s a lover!)


and here is barney, a very sweet and gentle giant:


many cool things happened today, but i will have to write about them tomorrow.  i had to start with the two most important things: dogs….and dinner.

back to work tomorrow.

“walk me.” – a mutt mantra
November 25, 2007, 6:10 pm
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cody bear is my mutt and i think he is a beautiful dog.  it frustrates me that i am a crummy photographer and my pictures do not do him justice.  i keep practicing though.

here he is before his morning walk.  “sigh…it looks really nice out there….wish i was walking….”


“why are you fooling around wit the stupid camera thing again?  go put your shoes on and take me for a WALK.”


as you can see, his is VERY convincing.  when a moping, self-pitying look doesn’t work, he eases into “menacing”.

the walk was lovely and invigorating.  he is a very good bear!  found a chicken bone, picked it up but dropped it as soon as i said “leave it.”  he actually kind of spit it out, which i’ve never seen a dog do.  very cute.

encountered some dogs, which he is usually afraid of them.  some of them barked at him, but instead of barking back, he whipped ’em the paw and continued on his walk with just some minimal squeaking.

…i choose a dog
November 21, 2007, 3:33 am
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tonight’s “the good…the bad…and the furry.” – a brief and personal “what’s hot, what’s not”


hot…my dog. not…the building our office is located in and the men within that building. here’s why:

obviously….dogs are what’s happenin’ cuz they’re all about unrequited love, cuddling and comfort. the building: not hot because i am trapped inside during work hours with various guys with their “man periods” and insensitive remarks. today’s situation. our landlord put a for rent sign out. someone inquired through MY door. i took him to meet landlord.

….landlord gets mad that i let him in the building.

apparently, the rental is a secret that no mortal can know about. (probably shouldn’t have put a SIGN out then. hmmmmm?)when the ethereal and approved being moves in….he’ll be another moody male.


hot? olives. not hot? post it warfare between office alpha male and coworker vying for his spot.

here’s how it plays out: boss gets in a tizzy about all the electronic-clutter coworker has acquired. coworker thrusts back with a pseudo environmental jab. one morning…..10 sticky notes passive aggressively placed before employee arrives. sour mood effects all.

but about those olives….my part time job was going to pay me with a teaching stipend, but the grant was “misappropriated” so i got gift cards, gift certificates, free this and that, etc. what do i do with free grocery gift cards? good question. LOVE olives. only buy them as a treat. tonight was a kalamata pitted heaven. “thank you local animal shelter!”


one last comparison:


here is a funky ass succulent and a mac mini. please…read on:

i bought this paddle plant when he was 6 inches tall. he’s now a 4 feet tall, turgid paddled thriving beast now. i hope he survives the first frost…because i love him. i love him in a way a woman loves an outdoor potted plant. now…the mac mini. fine. i don’t have a problem with macs. their potential in video and graphics is smashing. but here’s a big “boo” to apple for making it impossible to get into the mini without a putty knife. cheap trick to wrack up service bux.


one last combo of hot and not. dinner. brie, crackers and kalamata olives are good for the soul, but bad for the cholesterol. night all!

where are my eggs and taters??? hmm???
November 16, 2007, 4:52 am
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good morning sunshine…grab your tools 

not a morning person, i somehow volunteered to go to work at 6 am today to start our game of catch up.  the alarm went off at 5 a.m. and my dog would not open one eye.  i coaxed him out of bed to go outside for peepers, but he just stood at the door with a look that said, “really?  seriously?  its still dark out there.”


 in an effort to make my boss appreciate me more i tried to be some sort of uber employee of the computer hardware realm today.  so i get to the freight station at six, take a pallet of computers and hardware back to the office.  unload truck….in the rain.  it stopped as soon as the last box made it into the office.  it was so “WB television”.  my boss met me(also not a morning person) and began trying to get everything done by our 9 a.m. deadline.  i delivered the first batch, only to start the process over (freight station and all).

people….i didn’t get any breakfast.  i looooove breakfast.  by noon i was shaking. 

a happy ending….

i left work two hours early, got right into jammies and right into bed, cat pressed to me on one side, dog pressed to me on the other.  life is perfect when you’re sandwiched between to furry cuties who love you. 

restive and tepid…that’s my baby
November 14, 2007, 4:48 am
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  i was asked yesterday by my cat-lovin’ sister, “do you even have a cat anymore?  all i ever hear about is that DOG.” (now i KNOW she loves cody bear, but lets move on)  she’s right, dog dog dog.  its just that….


perhaps 2 % of the day my cat is infatuated with me.  the remaining 98 % she waffles between lukewarm acceptance of my presence and extreme, blatant condescension.  don’t get me wrong, i do love my kitty.  so, there she is.  that tiny cat runs the place.  sorry if i don’t talk about her that much.  she is a steadfast furry companion, she just doesn’t have an active blogging sort of animality like my dog does.  and i think she is fine with that, as she has never been one to seek the limelight.

some things about my cat:

she is stubborn, refusing to stop playing in the toilet bowl.  she likes to whack tails off any hapless gecko that may enter the house.  she once befriended a 5 foot palo verde beetle (which almost sent me to the cardiac ward).  she is shy of strangers, loves sleeping under throw rugs and smacking your  ankles from beneath them when you walk by.  she won’t let the dog sleep on her side of the bed, enjoys drinking out of the shower drain and INSISTS on having a scotch glass of water on the night stand every night before bed.


email moratorium and weather woes
November 13, 2007, 4:01 pm
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missing the monsoons, but we won’t talk about that right now….




gotta catch up


last night’s bike ride was more therapeutic than anything. i hardly got rid of the calories in one piece of leftover halloween candy, as i was moving pretty slowly. but i guess it did give me some time to think….and correct my posture.

what was i thinking about, you ask?

i waste too much time. i’ve always got things to do, but never enough time to do them. so here is what i came up with: no checking email or ANYTHING on the computer after work. that means the pc is totally off from 5 pm to 7 pm. also, when i go home at lunch, i am going to do things besides just eat and talk on the phone. so that may be training with the dog, doing the dishes, taking out the recycling, who cares…just something.


any tips any one???


ok, back to the bug…

that picture is from a monsoon storm a few months ago. we had several dramatic rain showers this summer, and this abandoned vw beetle almost floated away. i miss ….weather. i’m getting sick of the sunshine. just mentioning, is all.

the dog cares….he really does
November 12, 2007, 4:33 pm
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 why is this dog so tired?




back in time, (a little more than a week) i talked about what i had learned from my previous dog  loki.  while i mainly learned about patience and canine problem behavior from cody bear, he is starting to show a deeper (for a dog) side, as well.  i think he fancies himself a little furry healer of the soul.

i wish i could say his favorite person is me.  i can’t, but i’m fine with that.  his number one is a friend of mine with a very serious illness.  we stayed with her this week and here are some of cody’s new behaviors:

* bark in warning to hurry me into the house upon my return from an errand.  friend was not doing well and he was really worried.

* laid on her feet while she rested in her chair.

* quietly and with visible effort not to disturb her, put doggie toys on her lap while she dozed in her chair.

* rested his head on her knee, which i’ve never seen him do.

* slept on her bed curled up tight.

* toned down his normally hyper self so as not to get paws tangled in oxygen tubing.


some other stuff, too, that seems weird/uncharacteristic but is hard to describe.  i can only say it just seemed vigilant.  he also seemed to know when she really wanted to cuddle and positioned himself so she could easily reach him.


now, friends of mine had twins 2 weeks ago.  their dog, a very shy and beautiful mutt, has taken to trotting over to the crib whenever someone walks in and placing herself between guest and twins.  not the first of my friends whose dogs just instinctively start protecting the babies.


what signs of nurturing/protectiveness/sensitivity/etc. has YOUR dog demonstrated?   PLEASE COMMENT!

and have you read the book “dogs never lie about love” by jeffrey  moussaieff masson?