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car comes home, bikes won’t get dusty….i promise
January 12, 2008, 7:01 pm
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good news!  i am picking up my little car today from the shop.  a brand new transmission, one new motor mount and….lots of empty space in my checking account and savings account.  i will also bring back a smokin hot credit card!

here is what my parking spot looks like now.  please note that the insurance said the damage was not caused by the accident, like my mechanic said.  it was caused by poor maintenance and a long time leak.  note the pristine parking spot!


i have parked in that EXACT spot for 6 years.  exact spot….6 years….not one single smudge or puddle or stain ….at all.

oh well, time to let the healing begin.

i shall have this here cup of tea to calm my nerves and get me psyched to pick up my little car!


really, i’m ok.  it isn’t going to be as expensive as we initially thought, and the mechanic and his manager were so helpful and really worked hard to get me the best deal.  that is the best part, knowing i can trust my car in the hands of these folks!

so, …i do here by vow to keep using my bike to go to the grocery store as long as i don’t need to buy a 24 pack of toilet paper.  i’m not hard core enough to be seen pedaling my kombi through the city streets with a giant block of cottonelle.  i don’t think i’ll ever be that hard core…

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My owner said that in high school he and his friends bought a 24 pack of toilet paper at midnight at an all-night grocery. I wonder why they needed that much that late?

Comment by Checkers

to chew on …?

Comment by goodbear

Something is fishy if the mechanic said you had a leak and there is nothing on the parking spot. I just had mechanical work done to my car. We live in Califoria and every two years you have to get a smog check. My emissions test failed and a $40.00 part wound up costing me $300.00 + car rental for 3 days! What are you going to do?

I would love to have a little Vespa to toodle around in, or a bicycle with a little basket in front. I would put a blankie on the bottom, put Sissy in the basket(she is the best little rider), “seat belt” her in, and away we gooooooo! 🙂

Comment by 4urpets

no, the mechanic said no leak, the insurance investigator said there was a leak…but he didn’t really look.
my bike has a basket, but….cody won’t fit in there…

Comment by goodbear

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