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here’s to pudgy puppy bellies!
January 30, 2008, 11:18 pm
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 here’s an update on maggie, r and a’s new puppy (original maggie post!).  apparently she put on some poundage!


she is a pound puppy they adopted back in november.  she came with kennel cough, which got much worse.  it turned into very serious pneumonia.  she didn’t have enough lung power to cough or sneeze and ended up staying in the dog e.r. for a few days AND having a trache!  poor thing!  but r & a are awesome dog parents and now she is a happy, healthy, loving little munchkin!

you can see her whole family if you click here!

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Thanks for the link to an adorable dog loving blog. Those are the best kind.

Comment by Gina

Wow, Maggie bulked up!

Comment by Checkers

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