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oh, those pesky chaweenies!
March 13, 2008, 2:21 pm
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one of my best mates had a crumby morning…because of her lovable, loonie chihuahua doxie mix.

to preface: the cha-weenie does NOT like going to the vet.

that being said…he had a vet appointment today. he mom stopped to get petrol, dropped the keys on the seat, shut the door and commenced pumping.  all of a sudden….click.  she freezes, looks up, sees the chaweenie smiling, wagging, paw on the power lock.

after initial panic, looking for help from the service station workers (who were no help at all because they couldn’t stop laughing) she gets in touch with a locksmith.  the chaweenie starts getting angry at her. “why aren’t you opening the door?”

smart dog: he new how to get out of his vet appointment.


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Comment by lavenderbay

Smart dog,

Comment by Tasmaniac

Heehee. I’ll tell Scruff that one. Cha-weenie! Hahaha!

Comment by Checkers

Yeah, we’re like that.

Comment by Gina

tuffy? are you a chi/doxie mix? i thought you were all chihuahua…

Comment by goodbear

Yep…Tuffy is all Chihuahua. But Tuffy would never lock the car door, would you Tuffy?

That is a cute story.

Comment by 4urpets

I am 100% chihuahua and so proud of it. I am way too smart to do something like that.

Comment by Gina

the chaweenie is adorable! he is a great friend of cody bear’s. he’s just fun. i will try to get a picture one of these days.

Comment by goodbear

[…] dachshunds, dogs, pets, photography remember my little story about cody bear’s friend, the chaweenie? the one who locked my friend out of her car while she was getting […]

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