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an easy job, earning kibble and all
March 14, 2008, 9:09 pm
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 oh, how i love lunch breaks!  not that work is going badly (unlike yesterday. sheesh!), but it is still just so nice to get away, go home and watch my dog be cute.  here he is on patrol:  what cats were back here?  have there been any perimeter violations?  are we still safe?  do i need to chase any squirrels?


here you see how pleased he is:


he is happy because his morning nap was great, he’s got a chance to run around….and…he knows he’s not in trouble because he didn’t accidentally eat any garbage or reading material while i was at work this morning.

that about sums it up:  dog equals happiness.  he has made my day healthier, too, by reducing my stress and making me feel loved.  good job cody bear.  you DEFINITELY earn your kibble around here!


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cody bear-king of the prickly pears!

Comment by Checkers

You definitely need a bigger bowl Cody Bear 🙂

Comment by Tasmaniac

OOPS I commented on the wrong post, I am too silly

Comment by Tasmaniac

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