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conversation with the “new guy”
March 14, 2008, 6:40 am
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3:44pm today

me: “hi (so & so)! (boss’s name) says you can go ahead and complete this last pc”

new guy: “ok. are more coming.”

me: “yes, but for now, just finish this one”

new guy: “ok”

4:04 pm: pc box not opened yet

me: “hey (new guy’s name), the floppy kit for that pc is right there.”

new guy: “i know. i saw it.”

4:30: (work ends at 5)

me: “(new guy’s name) are you going to do this pc?”

new guy: “i’m going to go get my car washed first. it’ll be ready today”

4:35: (we close at 5)

new guy: “you can lock up. i’ll be back” (pc box STILL NOT OPENED)

my boss has put me in charge of this guy, but this guy continues to not take direction from the …FEMALE. tomorrow, after clearing it with the bos….i’m clouding up and raining allllll over him.

JUST KIDDING! but seriously….he has to be nicer…..right?


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If your boss has any perception, Mr. New Guy won’t last two weeks. Sheesh!

Comment by lavenderbay

New Guy needs a harsh and immediate attitude adjustment before he develops bad habits.

Comment by sparkychronicles

Maybe cody bear should have a talk with him. He’ll straighten him out!

Comment by Checkers

“Hang on, I’m almost done clearing this dungeon level, then I’ll get right on that PC.”

Comment by jamesviscosi

I could do a better job than Mr. New Guy.

Comment by Gina

yes you could tuffy!

dungeon level! hilarious!

Comment by goodbear

That sounds familiar. My “new guy” liked to text message instead of work. He didn’t last long. Good luck.

Comment by 4urpets

What a jerk! Do you think it’s because he’s a guy and you’re a girl? Could it be an age thing? Older men do not particularly like to take direction from me (young-ish (okay 30 year old) woman)…so maybe it’s more an age thing than a sex thing? Or maybe he’s just a lazy jerkface? That’s entirely possible.

Comment by Nevis

well, he’s actually 4 years younger than me… i definitely think its a man/woman thing, and his general work attitude

Comment by goodbear

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