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…a most perfect day
March 16, 2008, 6:29 am
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today was how a saturday should be. i had the BEST day. wanna know what went down?

as i mentioned earlier, i met my friend m, a most wonderful and talented photographer, and we went on a road trip to a friend’s farm and to some fields of wild flowers.

we arrive at our friend’s and just seeing her and her super nice husband was great. then she sat us down, made us tea and handed us some locally made honey, gave us bowls of fresh fruit salad (crisp and sweet) and chocolate chip cookies.


it was delicious. and we just sat in her light and comfy country home talking about ….stuff.

it was a beautiful day and we were surrounded by poppies!








more pictures later, but back to the great saturday…

we spent hours in the car, but she is great company. i was exhausted when we got back to town so, what’s better on a saturday? nap time. curled up in bed with cat and dog and had the coziest snooze. took dog to play date with a very silly poodle named coco. then a bike ride to a friend’s house for some chatter, followed by a great dog walk with my wonderful cody bear!

then off to the bar for some chips and salsa and irish beer. so, here i am. saturday is over, but i’m still appreciating it.

i LOVE weekends!


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Um. . . where’s the rest of that chicken? <:-D

Comment by TheAgedCat

i know! it looks weird! she has a bony neck and super freaky feather action. i swear she isn’t headless….cody was NO WHERE around this chicken!

Comment by goodbear

So, what is the answer? You were there. Which came first, the chicken or the eggs?

Comment by Preston Surface

in MY case…i met the chicken first. and i really liked that chicken…she had sass.

Comment by goodbear

I was gunna say “Where’s the rest of that Chicken?”, but the aged cat beat me to it.
His name’s not Douglas is it? ‘cos if so I’ve got the other part of him in my Pug Bowl entry post

Comment by Tasmaniac

I’m not understanding the shot of the disembodied head floating in space. Why did you go to the trouble to decapitate a chicken, suspend it’s head on fishing wire, prop it’s eyes open, and take a picture?

You “claim” there’s a body on it, but these are lies.

That is the most bizarre non-photoshopped pic I’ve ever seen.

Comment by sparkychronicles

I still think it’s the decapitated head of Douglas…. 🙂
To back up sparkychronicles Bizarre indeed, even too bizarre for me!!!

Comment by Tasmaniac

P.S. I supose it would be cheap to feed…No stomach. But how did it lay the eggs without a bum??? 🙂

Comment by Tasmaniac

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