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wuh waaahhhh…(tofu woes)
March 17, 2008, 3:53 am
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guess which newby vegan has developed a soy allergy….

yes…me.  bummer, huh?

in late november i met with a quirky and upbeat nutritionist who was excited about my leap into veganism and urged me to stay away from soy.  for the first few weeks, i cooked fresh veg and whole grains and i felt GREAT!  more energy during the day….woke up without having that congested feeling.  for convenience sake i needed to fall back on tofu, soy sauce, soy products.

i started getting sicker and sicker and (DUH) didn’t even think about the soy.  well, there it was…. a nasty and inconvenient allergy that just kept getting worse for over a month.  (i wasn’t putting two and two together).  i have been without ANY soy now for exactly 7 days and am remarkably better.  truly, the symptoms were gross and i am so much happier.

back to the drawing board on the vegan diet though…can’t fall back on the mock meats and the soy sauces flavorings.  damn…me lovums my soy sauce…


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There’s gluten fakemeats,although they’re probably flavoured with soy sauce too… Someone on the ‘Net suggests mixing one part rice vinegar with two parts molasses, sweeten to taste. Someone else suggests diluting some Marmite or Vegemite (British nutritious-yeast-based salty spreads) with hot water. Or experiment with various seaweeds and mushrooms. Salt ground up with black sesame seed — gomasio? — is delish on fresh, hot rice. Caramelized onions? Crisp-fried shallots? None of these are soy sauce,but one or two of them might become a new friend in their own right. 🙂

Comment by lavenderbay

thanks for the tips lavender!

Comment by goodbear

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