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“i know where my kibble comes from”
March 18, 2008, 6:50 pm
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here’s cody bear saying, “what’s the big deal? i came back!”


that’s right, the new self-aware, hind-end-aware, not afraid to try anything thanks to agility class, mutt has found another way to outsmart the fencing. i don’t think he’s jumping….i think he’s shapeshifting.

since he last liberated himself from his ridiculously huge AND fun yard, i try to stay outside with him while he runs like a nut, sometimes up to an hour. last night i had work to do, but every five minutes i went out to see that he was still, in fact, running around like a crazy dog.

after 30 minutes or so of the 5 min checks, i go out, …no cody bear. i panic. i scream.

i try to find him in the alley, side street, he’s not in the pasture lot. crazy dog hears my screams, and comes home right away (thank you “really reliable recall” class)…to the front door, where i find him looking deeply concerned. “what is the big deal, i was JUST saying hi to friends!”

it was all i could do to greet him with love and joy. “glad you’re home. glad you came back. thanks for returning” pat pat pat. inside i wanted to scream and cry “do you KNOW what could have HAPPENED to you???”

a small task force is being assembled to work on this joy run problem. in the mean time, since cody bear cannot be denied his running time, (it is what he lives for) i brush my teeth outside, put shoes and socks on outside, comb hair and apply the moisturizers, last minute buttoning, phone calls. everything….outside.

….and YES….he is neutered, as i know people probably think he is getting out to make puppies. not my bear!

i’m just so thankful he came back.  in the few minutes he was gone, he could have really gone far….maybe he did actually.

i’m just glad he knows how to find home.  NOW…to NEVER let him escape AGAIN!


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Whoa! That is scary! Both the escape and the shape-shifting. Of course if you DO have a shape-shifting dog, you could be very rich! Glad he came to “his master’s voice.”

Comment by S. Le

WOW! That is totally scary, you’re so lucky that he came back so quickly. That was wonderful! I know how scared you must have been, though!

Comment by Nevis

Oh my gosh. I would have had a heart attack. Thank goodness he is okay.

One time I was looking for Sissy. Apparently I went outside to the mailbox in the front and didn’t know she followed me. I went back into the house and closed the door behind me, not knowing that Sissy didn’t get in.

About a half an hour later, I noticed that Sissy was no where to be found. I looked all over for her and couldn’t find her. I heard some faint scratching at the front door and I opened it and there was Sissy. She was waiting for me the entire time. Over a half an hour. I’ve done that to her in the garage and in the bedroom. Just shut the door behind me and she is on the other side.

One time Jonesy was with me outside and he decided to roam around and go to the next door neighbors, and I was with him. My heart sunk, but he came right back after I called him.\


Comment by 4urpets

how cute that sissy just sat there scratching. she missed you!

cody has NO idea….he is constantly being rewarded for trying new things and being brave. “what? i jumped through a tiny whole! i thought you’d be proud!”

Comment by goodbear

i know, i’m so lucky he came back! he heard me calling but had already run around the block and the direction he was going the alley was blocked. i’m so glad he heard me and figured out to come to the front door. i am proud of him, more than mad….but above all: scared. that’s why my friends are all coming to help. also,….they don’t want me to have to move outside!
but i CAN’T deny him the hours of running he does each day….

Comment by goodbear

Oh, I can fully relate to this one. When my little one ran away she didn’t come back for 5 days!! We only had her for 15 hours – no name yet, no tags, no idea where she lived… but she came back and hasn’t left since! (Cody Bear is SUPER cute, by the way!!)

Comment by elizabethews

oh elizabeth, you must have been a wreck with worry. thanks so much for stopping by the blog!

Comment by goodbear

I know that feeling…your heart just sinks and all you can do is scream their name like a mad woman. when maggie climbed the fence it was nothing but panic. and just like cody bear she comes back, but with 2 friends. it sucks that they don’t understand “do you know what could have happened??”

Comment by Anna & the pack

oh, my goodness, a talented escape dog…not good!

Comment by lizlangley

How horrifying!! Our spunky toy poodle Chloe (now deceased)ran out the door one time as I was coming home and I did everything I knew to get her in, including screaming. Ha Finally, I shut the front door (I had heard about this) and she came running up to the door and I opened it and she came in.

Comment by Gina

When my owner was growing up he had a beagle that was all nose, no sense. He took off for 3 days and was found 5 1/2 miles from home. Good thing he had tags! I don’t think I would ever run off. Who knows who has kibble out in the big, bad world!

Comment by Checkers

[…] i wrote in “i know where my kibble comes from“, the training works! however,….when it comes to cats, cody bear does NOT pay attention […]

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