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a mixed bag…
March 19, 2008, 6:01 pm
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it is wednesday and, so far, this week has been a mixed bag of good and bad.

negative:  here is a conversation i have to have with new coworker:

“(new coworker’s name)….we have a supply of toilet paper and paper towels in the cabinet.  if you use the last of either of these items, please replace them immediately.”  now you KNOW i wouldn’t have to say that if there hadn’t been….an incident.

positive:  i found $20 in a side pocket of my bag!

negative:  i just found out my neighbor, the one that found my dog last week, is ultra creepy and possibly a lunatic.  more details to follow.

positive:  i feel a weight has been lifted off my shoulders: i purchased AAA today!  (that’s NOT AA. got that?)

negative:  after the money-matic machine ate my bank card a month ago, i used my replacement card for the first time yesterday….and the money-matic machine ate THAT bank card, as well as my check, too!

negative:  after filing a claim for the check, the bank has determined the check never made it to the machine.

positive:  the small task force known as “operation cody bear containment” believes they have successfully repaired the area in the fence that he was morphing through…hopefully the dog will NOT get out ever ever ever again.

big positive:  got a $100 bonus from the boss-man today! (do you think he understands how upset i am about all the new guy’s…idiosyncrasies?

actually…i could go on and on… but i am thinking that soon the positives will outweigh the neggies.


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It’s always good when the positives outweigh the negitives, innit? Can Cody Bear protect from neighbouring lunies? Sounds rather scary to me!

Comment by S. Le

Yikes on the creepy neighbor. We’re waiting in suspense to hear more.

Comment by Gina

I think I know what AAA stands for – American Anteaters Association. Why do you need that?

Comment by Checkers

Yeah, that’s not fair about the creepy neighbor. Now I have to wait until another blog. I hope I can sleep tonight.

Comment by 4urpets

Your gonna’ have to tell us more about the creepy neighbor.

Comment by Preston Surface

I hope the positives are all still adding up. :)I have no idea what AAA stands for except triple A batteries. Take care with your creepy neighbour. Keep that fluffy boy of yours close.

Comment by livingisdetail

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