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pug bowl/mutt bowl outtakes
March 20, 2008, 5:20 am
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pug bowl 2008 is a HUGE phenomenon. cody bear tried to take part in it. here are some of his outtakes:


that was him wondering why on EARTH there would be a bowl WITHOUT food in it!


there he knows i want him in the bowl, but it just isn’t working. the bowl is, after all, very small.


and at last, a determined dog: he says “damn! i will fit my paws in this stupid pasta bowl! if i want cheese i must get innnn the bowlllll.”

way to go cody bear! a pioneering spirit. unbridled determination. way to live your life like a beer commercial!


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Perhaps cody bear is showing his civilized side by using a “finger bowl?”

Comment by S. Le

finger bowl…very funny!
if he puts a napkin down before dinner tonight…i’ll wonder what is up!

he has been staring at the tea kettle lately, too…

Comment by goodbear

I love his determination to get his payload of parmesan!

Comment by lavenderbay

It’s very encouraging to see hiom trying so hard, if only Missy Moo had been so keen to get in the bowl, it would’ve made my photography job so much easier….

Comment by Tasmaniac

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