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thinking of breakfast…
March 20, 2008, 2:31 pm
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 “good morning cody bear!”  every meal has to be 30 minutes after medicine because of his gastroparesis…


he knows its coming….


he’s just starving after his morning run!


countdown:  t minus 20 minutes to a molecuball full of kibble!!!!


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What a pretty boy he is!!

Comment by Gina

thanks gina! i just think he’s so lovable!

Comment by goodbear

Anticipation! Cody perfectly demonstrates! This is so cute.

Comment by Rusty

thanks rusty! i actually never realized how long his tongue was until i really looked at that last picture…

Comment by goodbear

You DO look hungry. I wish I could do that with MY tongue!

Comment by S. Le

Wow, cody bear wins the beginning of Spring tongue award! Super pictures. HA!

Comment by Checkers

[…] to my buddy cody bear, to whom I have awarded the Beginning of Spring Canine Tongue Award. Go here to see him in his winning poses. The Beginning of Spring Canine Tongue Award is like the MacArthur […]

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I announced the award in my post today!

Comment by Checkers

wow, checkers!
cody bear is….speechless. he’s never won anything before! and to win so big!
thanks checkers!!

Comment by goodbear

That’s an amazing tongue,
I’m sure Gene Simmons of ‘Kiss’ fame would be jealous 🙂

Comment by Tasmaniac

cody rocks pretty hard, so maybe he can start a kiss cover band….for dogs.

Comment by goodbear

oooh a band can i be yore roadie i promis not to choo up yore equipment unless i get reely bord ok bye

— dennis the vizsla

Comment by jamesviscosi

Could he be any cuter?? I just want to hug him!!!

Comment by elizabethews

i know! that’s why i never get anything done: the dog is too hugable!

Comment by goodbear

literally rolling on the floor laughing!

Comment by patchworkfibers

I bet he knows EXACTLY how long 30 minutes is!! I am really enjoying your blog!

Comment by Sandy

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