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“pool? what pool?” – a dog ignores
March 24, 2008, 3:53 am
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 cody bear went visiting today!  (it being easter, and all)  poor dog:  5 hours in a car!  because of his gastroparesis, he is super-sensitive to queasiness and hates hates HATES the car!

but he had fun once he arrived, (more pix later) except for this scary thing….the pool!


“now i LOVE my water bowl, but i’m not sure about that….”


“no…i’m NOT going in there…”

we played a tiiiiny bit of fetch at first, but then….his tennis ball bounced into the pool and it was “GAME OVER.”

he just spit it out. “this thing has been in the pool.  it’s DEAD to me now!”

oh, cody bear, water isn’t for everyone.


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was this today??? I envy ur weather to a great degree…

Comment by Spencer Schoeben

it WAS today! but as you can see by cody bear’s expression…clearly not warm enough to go swimming…

Comment by goodbear

If that was my pool I’d be in it 24/7! I WUF the water.

Comment by Rocket

Cool Dog!!! =D
Bad English sorry!! =P
Nice blog! 😉

Comment by PlugPet

He looks very suspicious of the pool. At least you don’t have to worry he’ll get in and can’t get out. He’s giving it a wide berth.

Comment by S. Le

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