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March 26, 2008, 5:55 am
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as some of you know, i have another blog, dogdailyphoto. i think our pal checkers is the only one who visits with any regularity, but we have a few other visitors we love having stop by.

unlike this blog, the “all about cody bear” blog, it is mostly random dogs i see when i have my camera. but here is one of my favorite cody bear pix from dog daily photo. it is one of his agility moments.


i love this picture because my mutt is running through a tunnel, something he would have been scared to do two months ago.  and he KNOWS he could not do it two months ago, so when he exits that tunnel, he is hell-on-paws proud of himself.  its easy as kibble now…

thanks to our blog friends who visit this site, and dog daily photo! and thanks to our pals who comment and welcome our comments on their sites, as well.  and thanks to our family and friends, especially the ones who don’t really care about the blog or don’t have time to read everything: they still stop by when they can.


me and cody bear!


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That’s very cute seeing Cody Bear disappearing into the tunnel. Glad to see he’s enjoying his agility classes and gaining so much confidence!

Comment by jamesviscosi

that’s the best part of agility: the confidence building. the dog has confidence in himself…and i gain confidence in him as well! he amazes me! as i’m sure dennis makes you as proud!

Comment by goodbear

I would only go in there if there was a big bowl of kibble in the middle. I would eat the kibble and then be too scared to leave! cody bear is the bravest of canines.
Dog Daily Photo is great. Where else can one get the true scope of the amazing diversity of dogness? Many thanks for doing it.

Comment by Checkers

thanks checkers! you’re very supportive…and cute!

Comment by goodbear

He has a long, bushy, beautiful tail. I’m glad his self-esteem is improving. Tuffy has enough (full of himself) but Mandy needs some.

Comment by Gina

I dinna knoo ye had anither blogh. It’s luvely.

Those really are wonderful dog pics. I saw a few in there I would love to take home. (But not yet!)

Comment by TheAgedCat

thanks terry!

Comment by goodbear

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