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hold still, will ya!
March 26, 2008, 1:50 am
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wow…i thought it was hard to get DOGS to hold a pose.  try bees!  damn, those guys will NOT hold still!


will someone (anna & the pack) pleeeaaaase tell me if these guys are dangerous!?  i don’t think they are.


oh well, ….i tried….


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I went through this very issue the other day myself. I simply gave up trying to capture them and focused on a small clump of flowers and waited for the bee(s) to show up.

Comment by forkboy1965

hey forkboy! how did it work out? did a bee show up?
thanks for stopping by the blog!

Comment by goodbear

Yes sir, I managed a fee shots with bees. Some better than others, but they were surprisingly cooperative. You can see them here:

What sort of lens were you using for your shots?

Comment by forkboy1965

If it ignored you while you got close enough to photograph, it must not be very aggressive (like hornets or wasps) Maybe you can find out more at wikipedia or an entomology website. State university websites are often a good place to look for that sort of info?

Comment by TheAgedCat

great bee shots forkboy. love the geese, too.

Comment by goodbear

oh, i wasn’t that close. i was hiding behind a big lens about 6 feet away.

Comment by goodbear

That bee is all black! Must be(e) one of those biker or ninja bees!

Comment by Checkers

too loud to be ninjas. and they’re HUGE.
using the corgi measurement system, i would say they weigh at least 12 pounds each.

Comment by goodbear

this is a cool bee! i have never seen one that is all black like that. i’m sure it’s not dangerous…most bees are just there to help in the garden. did you read about the bee project that is going on…you can get free sunflower seeds in exchange for reporting on how many bees you see a couple of times.

Comment by lizlangley

They are scary but harmless…unless you are wood. The bees are carpenter bees (Xylocopa species if you want to be a nerd about names) and they burrow into wood and put their babies inside. That’s a great shot! What’s even better you ask? It is a bee (which is what I love & study) and it is visiting a creosote flower (my study plant). You just know what excites me don’t ya!

Comment by Anna&the pack

anna&thepack…you should come over! i have identified 3 separate bees. not individual bees…that would be crazy! 3 separate bee species.

Comment by goodbear

When are you home? i would LOVE to come by and see bee’s, fluffy dog, and you!

Comment by Anna&the pack

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