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i’m confused by wordless wednesday…
March 26, 2008, 3:59 pm
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….and i don’t think i should be. it sounds like an easy concept to get.

i’ve heard about wordless wednesday.  sounds great!  i assumed i would click on the post, see an interesting picture and NO WORDS.  right?

but…i’m seeing lots of words on most of the wordless wednesday posts.  not that i’m complaining or turning anyone in to the blog police, but it seems weird.  anyone want to explain?

and another question:  if i do a wordless wednesday post, will people get irked at me if i do a separate post that wednesday that isn’t wordless?


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I’m guessing, if you label a post “Wordless Wed.” and it’s not wordless, some people might get irked, and that most people won’t care too much one way or the other if you have 2 posts, one worded and one not. Do your thang, goodbear.

Comment by TheAgedCat

I think some people want/need to give a brief description of their pics, but I think most pics are (or should be) self-explanatory on WW. And I’m sure no one is going to care if you have a worded post on Wednesday.

Comment by Sara

ok, thanks sara. and thanks for visiting the blog!

Comment by goodbear

If you title a post or tag it as “Wordless Wednesday,” is it still wordless? Is this one of those conundrums or Catch 44’s everyone talks about? What color is the big red barn? Who’s on first? Head’s getting lighter……..

Comment by Checkers

Me thinks you can do whatever you want to do. I will enjoy your photo AND your words if you choose to add them…today, I didn’t have any words…tomorrow I will.
What? Are they going to fire me if I add some words? **smiling**
Love this puppy dog and the expression.

Comment by Swampy

btw, hardly wordless wed. at The Aged Cat. I’ve posted a very wordy treat for you and the other doggy bloggers!

I hope you’ll like it.

Comment by TheAgedCat

thanks for visiting the blog swampy!

Comment by goodbear

LOL…love your picture and your words. : )

Comment by Melinda

Nothing better than a happy, bouncy dog!

Comment by Kim

I was confused when I started seeing wordless wednesdays as well, since most of them do have a little blurb. I really wanted to say something with mine, but just went with the pictures instead – with the words it’s just another random post and not “wordless” at all.

Comment by Abby

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