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redemptive dogs; let’s relocate, though
March 27, 2008, 5:58 am
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wordless wednesday passed silently…time to get the chatter going again! lots of topics:

1. work.  the new guy is doing SO much better.  but he stilllll can’t figure out how the seat goes dowwwwnnnn.

2. car wash.  took the company vehicle for a sudsing today.  saw the worlds most attractive guy.  now, i think love is ludicrous….but he was a space alien or something.

moving on.

3. dogs….


that is bravo, imploring me to throw his kong.  went to a friends house to take pictures of her dog.  good thing, too, because i was getting sort of crabby.  but, something about dogs…..kind of ads some barklove to the day.


4. one dog in particular.  nugget played with a stick this morning.  BAD!  while running around the stick broke and he had some sporadic coughing.  i had a teensy panic…but he’s fine now!

5. i want to move.  why do i live in this stupid town???

6. wordless wednesday.  we participated for the first time!  it was sort of cool.  next time we will post earlier and visit more wordless wednesday blogs!

okie dokie. so let’s review:  dogs…good.  work….ok.  life….going nowhere for me….FOR NOW!  HOW WILL I PICK MY NEW CITY!!!???


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Possible answers to…
#2. It was the satellite dish and lack of wheels that tipped you off, right?
#5. Maybe you stay here for the aliens.
#1. Guys want to impress chicks by resembling aliens,hence the popularity of the easily-achieved Mysterious Floating Lid trick.

Comment by lavenderbay

the mysterious floating lid trick is that guys only trick. and its not that good!

Comment by goodbear

Bravo is pretty and seems like he is easy going. Just started Wordless Wednesday myself. Their blogroll is llloooonnnngggg.

Comment by Gina

Wow, you saw a space alien! And he looked like a handsome person? They are among us already and we don’t even recognize it (except for you, of course)!

If you like solid grey skies and cold six months a year, northern Ohio is paradise. Oh, yes, and a bad economy too!

Comment by Checkers

new city…that sounds exciting! if i were choosing a new place to live, (and this has been on my mind lately) make a list of things that are important to you, like: weather, amount of people, traffic, public transportation, type of building/setting you would like to live in, culture, etc. etc…and then research and then visit some different places! how fun! do it…:)

Comment by lizlangley

Wonderful Wordless Wednesday!

Comment by Rusty

Hey, you used “barklove!” yay! cool! thanks!

You and I have a few things in common: 1) I am now looking about me and wanting to relocate — badly! (Put it off largely because of the 2 cats) and 2) I am also changing “career” paths.

Maybe we should be a mutual support society. Cheer each other on.

Comment by TheAgedCat

terry, that’s a good idea. sounding boards and cheerleaders…

Comment by goodbear

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