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what am i supposed to do? seriously?!
March 27, 2008, 6:11 pm
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every now and then i get really grouchy and it is always the product of the same event.  something or someone has just reminded me that i STILL have no idea what i’m supposed to be doing with my life.

for the first time in years i have picked up some fun hobbies.  blogging and photography.  up till now, volunteering has been my hobby.   but volunteering has turned into work, and not work i’m ecstatic about anymore.

i’ve been advised by my smart and thoughtful friends that i should do what i love, and since i don’t know what i love doing, i should try to incorporate what i love into something profitable.


i love my dog.  ilove dogs in general.  my cat, she’s cool, but i don’t see a pot of gold when i look at my cat.  i love photography, but i am JUST learning.  i love the learning, actually.  and here’s a weird thing about me:  i LOVE public speaking.  the bigger the crowd, the better.  i miss that part of my old job.  but who is going to pay me to stand in front of a huge auditorium and talk about my dog and cat?

i enjoy talking to people, but would absolutely hate being stuck in a cubicle on the phone all day.  i don’t have enough discipline to run my own business.  and, i don’t want to have to dress to the nines every day.


jeans.  that’s what i wear everyday now.

i don’t want to be a millionaire. in fact, i would seriously be scared to have too much money. (i know that sounds stupid, but i’m serious) i just want enough to make ends meet.  i’m tired of struggling to get by.  i would choose happiness over fortune any day, so i really want to figure this out.

any suggestions?  maybe i could be a tour guide for visiting dogs?  interpret canine dreams?  (“your dream of running through the field is your inner puppy trying to get out, be free!”)  motivational speaker to dogs with separation anxiety?  (“they WILL be home.  you are NOT alone.  and yes, you ARE a very good dog.”)

so anyway, any tips you guys have, i welcome them.  i have blinders on when it comes to my professional future…


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If you don’t know what you want to do, just do anything. Try some different things out until you fall in love with a job. Thats what I did.

Comment by whatmenthink

Saying HI! From a fellow dog person!

Did you ever think about starting your own Dog Rescue? OR Dog Trainer?

Comment by gibsondog

hey whatmenthink and gibsondog! thanks so much for visiting my blog, as well as the advice!

i know i definitely can’t do the rescue thing because i’ve actually considered that and don’t think i could say good by to the dogs. BUT…i do actually help train already. that is one of my volunteer things that i do. still new at it, but loving it!

Comment by goodbear

I can sympathize … I don’t know what I want to do with my life either!

That’s impressive that you like public speaking… surely there is a job out there somewhere for you being the mouthpiece of those of us in the world that hate public speaking 🙂 Maybe you could be a spokesperson or lobbyist for animal rights organizations? I guess that probably would not involve jeans.

Or in a completely different direction, what about a doggie daycare. Oliver goes once a week to a really great one that is on this really idyllic farm. It’s so peaceful and lovely there, filled will lots of happy dogs – I’m always envious of the lady who runs it.

Comment by Laura

this is a tough one to figure out…but the fact you are thinking about it means you will find the answer eventually! you may just have to try one thing, then another, to figure out what it is you like doing. that has been my experience, at least! 🙂

Comment by lizlangley

I think yo should do something with dogs. However, my guardian might have some other ideas.

Comment by scoutdog

by the way, she is a pastor.

Comment by scoutdog

its good to see that everyone sees dogs in my future!

Comment by goodbear

I’d get some advice from Checkers. He really has his act together.

Comment by Hannah

You’re intelligent and kind and funny and good at lots of stuff; maybe there isn’t ONE career for you. BTW, I recommended your Dog Daily Photo to my partner as excellent examples of “living portraits”, in the way you capture the personality of the pooches you meet.

Comment by lavenderbay

Oh, PS. One reason I got my little job at the pet store is that I described myself as a “lifelong learner”. The store owner sez he likes his employees to have a passion outside of their work; he feels they’re more motivated to come in, do a good job, and go home to enjoy the rest of their daily life.

Comment by lavenderbay

thanks lavenderbay, for the words of encouragement, and for passing daily photo on. i’m having so much fun with it!

Comment by goodbear

I liked Laura’s suggestion for a doggie daycare. It would be hard to start without money though. I’m tired of being broke too.

Comment by Gina

Love talking to people? And love animals? I’m thinking naturalist, educator, public programs,blogger,et al for nature reserve or wildlife center, or for an advocacy group like humane society, rescue groups.

(Here’s an example from Humane Education Instructor: Humane Education Advocates Reaching Teachers (HEART)Last updated on: March 10, 2008. Description: We are seeking an instructor to teach our multi lesson program focused on developing compassion and respect for all living beings (humans and animals) and the environment. Our programs are in NYC public schools….)

What are your thoughts on doggie daycare? Or dog “hotel” in lieu of kennel for when people need to board dogs?

Comment by TheAgedCat

PS It’s hard not to be a bit cranky when you’re at a crossroads like this. People mean well and will offer tons of advice. Try not to get caught up spending as much energy responding to the questions and the advice as you want/need to spend listening to your own instincts, trying out your own ideas, etc.

Comment by TheAgedCat

oooh aged! that sounds perfect….except the new york city part. i did non-profit for a while and didn’t want to go back, but for THAT kind of gig i would!

Comment by goodbear

you should learn video editing! i wear jeans everyday.. which means i don’t have to dress up, and i am doing what i love to do! you could probably learn the trade, and find a job working with animals! i am vegetarian, myself, but i edit apartment videos everyday.. i love it, personally!

Comment by ashley

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