cody bear's friends

trials of life – butterfly attack

it was quite a day….

one part of that day, butterflyquest at a local municipal garden.


i got out of work at 12:30 today, which was so great!  went on a mini photo vacation with my friend m.  the bugs and buds were lovely!


but you have to be quick on your toes with these guys.  they can be nasty!


impish insect!

came home, ate a pound of chips and salsa in minutes flat, then left for business meeting which turned out to be very fun and very productive.  then home to grab cody bear for an evening walk through the garden district with friends….where he saw a cat while i was doing an elaine bennis dance imitation and chased after a cat, almost catching it right in front of the poor fluffy’s personal assistants.  COMPLETELY ignoring my shrieks.  looks like cody bear gets to retake really reliable recall class.  (he’s grounded right now!)

since no animals were actually hurt, i am giving the day a paws up.  there was some fun stuff!

thanks for stopping by!


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You got some good pix of those butterflies.

ruh-roh! Poor Cody! The call of the wild in him … hard to resist chasing something as tempting as a fluffy kitty.

Comment by TheAgedCat

Great butterfly pics. I didn’t know they could be so vicious!

Pound of chips and salsa…mmmmmmmm!

Sounds like cb’s instincts got the better of him. I am so sad he got grounded!

Comment by Checkers

those butterflies are cool–they look kind of huge, like birds!

Comment by lizlangley

i’m lucky he didn’t run in front of a car after it!
thanks for checkin’ out the b-fly pix!

Comment by goodbear

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