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antihistamines, …naturally
March 31, 2008, 6:26 pm
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 here cody bear demonstrates how i feel today.


its spring and pollen season is beginning.  i can already tell its going to be a bad year.  the only allergy med that works for me….benedryl.  even the non-drowsy makes me drowsy. no worries, i won’t be operating any heavy machinery.  ‘cept my car.  oh dear.

i’m so thankful cody bear and spree don’t have allergies.  i would hate for them to have itchy eyes and a snuffly nose.

his yawn is more out of boredom than empathy.


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Celebrities are often bored…

Comment by S. Le

Here in cold New York we feel the same, its a good day to yawn and be bored. I got a new featherbed, so I think thats where I will be.


Comment by PennyCat

Having such a cushy life tends to be boring.

Maybe Cody Bear will perk up and do a 6 word memoir. Jonesy has tagged him. I hope he will participate. It’s short and easy.

Comment by 4urpets

That’s a fabulous picture. Fabulous.

I am sorry about your allergies. I think I might be allergic to baths.

Comment by Checkers

pen pen! you beautiful, squishy, lovely cat! i can’t believe you posted here!
you made my day. i hope you love your new feather bed. sleep well kitty niece!

Comment by goodbear

thanks checkers. we’re trying to take better pix.

cody bear wanted me to tell you that he thinks baths are horrible, but he tolerates them for cookies!

Comment by goodbear

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