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such pretty things… (?)
March 31, 2008, 2:12 am
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so today i went to a client’s house. a client who has become a friend. it was so cool to spend time at her house because she has some incredible art pieces and great furniture.

but…i’m not going to show you those. i’m going to show you the lizard her new cat caught while we were working:


yes, you do see a super fat antique emerald there. cool reptile, who got a reprieve, and a cool ring. it’s not every day you see a women with an emerald and a perfect manicure pick up a critter without hesitation.  i was impressed!


she has put some glass paperweights in the sun on a sundial ashtray stand. (not a smoker)


this broken neon sign made me want to go home and clean. but…i had to work instead.

and, last but not least, magnet statements:


so…that was my morning! thanks for stopping by!


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I keep coming back to that lizard picture — the colours, the composition, the bokeh… and the lizard still hoping to avoid becoming lunch.

Comment by lavenderbay

he lucked out. she kept the cat inside and set the lizard outdoors on a rock. poor boris the cat. he looked stunned that she took his toy away.

Comment by goodbear

Awesome lizard! Did she keep it?

Comment by S. Le

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