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dog takes advantage of economic stimulus check…
April 30, 2008, 4:47 pm
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oh, let’s face it….i can only be wordless for so long on wednesdays.

so, here is cody bear on one of our stops yesterday while we partook in retail therapy…

our first stop is one of his favorite places in…the…WORLD!  it is a self-service dog wash and shop.  he does not like getting a bath there, but he LOVES the owner.  she is one of cody bear’s best friends.  (she owns the large poodle he fancies)

while there we bought this leave in conditioning spray that is supposed to make you shiny. (your dog shiny, rather) it was 16 bux, and i know it sounds like a fru fru purchase, but he has been SO STATICKY lately.  he snaps when you pet him and he gets really sensitive if you zap his ears or his shoulders.

we also bought a new type of kitty kibble.  spree likes the shwag cat chow, science diet.  but with the pet food scare, i’m trying hard to switch her to the holistic organic made in the u.s.a. stuff.

anyway, the owner has become a friend to both of us, so we were there for ever chatting.  as you see, once she stopped cuddling him, cody bear got bored and took a nap.

our next stop was more of a pet boutique really.  neither of us like it there.  most of her stuff is for people with tiny dogs that like to dress them up in couture dog clothes and put jewelry on them.  but, we went because they’re the only place in town that sells pet blinker batteries.  she gave them to us…so we bought some cheesy dog treats.

i don’t like going there because she has this chihuahua that barks at everyone, and anytime a person comes near her she trembles in fear.  the store owner says “she loves coming to work with mama.” but the dog is terrified.  i wish she could see how unhappy she makes her dog by taking her to work every day. oh well.

so, that, and three walks and three meals was pretty much his day.

rescue group hasn’t called yet.  its been four days…

wordlesswednesday – after protecting me from the firemen


ww – ems bear!
April 30, 2008, 5:31 am
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wordless wednesday – gas leak…eek.
April 30, 2008, 5:27 am
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dog treat warning
April 29, 2008, 8:11 pm
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hi everyone.  serious email today:

this is mindy, who is currently in the hospital fighting to get the toxins from tainted food out of her system….

mindy’s parents have been careful to feed her top quality organic chow, but unfortunately distributors did  not take the pet food scare seriously, and costco is still selling their chicken strips.  mindy has eaten great food, and who would have thought chicken strips with just one ingredient could be bad?  we’ve researched it on line and there are scads of folks whose pets have suffered or passed on because of these strips.  a couple people only feed home made food and these strips, so it has to be the strips.

she is fighting to keep her kidney’s going, her vet team is working so hard to help her and her parents are struggling with this.


please also keep mindy and her parents in your thoughts.

son of silly canine horoscopes
April 29, 2008, 4:14 pm
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again, cody bear has asked the spirits for some horoscopes for his dog friends….

taurus, soon you will encounter something that seems new, scary, or possibly bigger than you.  be brave.  trust yourself and you will be rewarded.  also, be aware of screen doors or sliding glass doors and save yourself the embarrassment.

gemini, are you’re ears perked? they should be.  people are talking about you. you’ve become a very good dog! also, try not to lick your paws.

cancer, you may be gaining a new family member or young playmate. it’s time to step up with all your paws, for you will soon be a role model.  also, try a new bandana for a splash of color.

leo, the people in your life are lazy right now.  you will have to be extra cute and extra demanding to get them to pick up the leash or throw that tennis ball.

virgo, don’t over do it today.  there is such a thing as too much of a good time.  take breaks from the fun and exercise for water or cooling down.  also, if it smells really REALLY bad, your people won’t want you to roll in it.

libra, you’re the type of dog who thinks of creative ways to amuse yourself and your people.  you will work the crowd today.  pay attention when sniffing butts that the other dog doesn’t pee on your head.

scorpio, you may be confused about what your person expects from you.  don’t get stressed, merely tilt your head and give your best innocent look.

sagittarius, lately you’ve been wondering what goes on beyond the fence.  practice self control.  you’re there for a reason.

capricorn, it is hard practicing self control when there are so many yummy treats in the world.  don’t be surprised if your people make you work a little harder for those treats.

aquarius, the people in your life seem busy, as if there isn’t much time for you anymore.  but that isn’t true.  they love you, they just need patience right now.  the chew your people thought you ate is actually under a piece of furniture, so start whining or pawing.

aries, you may find yourself in social situations, surrounded by many dogs.  keep your tail cheerily wagging, as you want to communicate “friend.”  don’t take squeakies from the dogs that look too serious.

dogs, beans and run of the mill stuff
April 29, 2008, 5:13 am
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well, the weekend went well, so it was hard going back to work today. but….it didn’t turn out badly!  my boss was funny and even though i screwed up for a bit, he was cool about it…and….my coworker was hardly annoying at all!

it helps knowing that my boss is seeing his bad habits, too.

i will admit, much of my mental energy was spent wondering why i haven’t heard from the border collie rescue group.  i totally smothered cody bear with attention after work because he has acted so depressed lately.  it made all the difference; he was SO CHEERY. so…i know a play mate is a good idea.

besides…there are way too many dog toys in this house for one dog!

i don’t have any thing juicy to talk about tonight.  ‘cept maybe the super tasty meal i made myself.  some sort of green bean tomato onion dealie in a mixture of seasonings and white wine served on this mixture of rices.  i have to say….it was scrumptious! exciting….? no, but scrumptious.

hopefully i’ll have something silly to post about tomorrow.