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6 words … a canine memoir
April 1, 2008, 5:27 am
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jonesy tagged cody bear for a 6 word memoir.  cody implored me not to use crazy and moody, so here are his 6:



curious …




(i’m so sorry cody bear, i never should have done that to you. and you were such a great sport!)

playful …


happy …


and cherished …



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I love your 6 word memoir! You got Cody Bear down to a T with his great personality. I love the “Forgiving” One. Great Memoir Cody Bear!

Comment by 4urpets

That white kibble in picture 2 is different!

Comment by Checkers

those are foam peanuts, and not very tasty. but he can smell the venison jerky wrapped in xmas wrap at the bottom of our holiday care package!

Comment by goodbear

Describes the Cody Bear I know. You were adorable as a puppy!

Comment by Gina

Just too cute! Awww…

Comment by S. Le

Love the antler portrait! He’s a shoe-in for the next remake of How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Comment by lavenderbay

That is a beautiful memoir. He has always been a smiley fellow even when he was a bubby. How gorgeous.

Comment by livingisdetail

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