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love can’t be all bad….
April 1, 2008, 6:21 pm
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today’s topic….LOVE.

as i confessed in 40 something things about me, i am not really into dating/marriage type stuff.  but one thing i DO really enjoy seeing:

proposals.  in the last two years i have been right next to 3 wedding proposal happenings.  people i never met before, standing or sitting near me while the deal goes down.  I LOVE IT.  as a spectator, i can tell before the new bride can what is about to happen.


anyway, while i don’t really think its a good idea for myself, i have to say that i do wish the smitten kittens the best of luck.  who knows, maybe enough of these spectacles will chisel away at barnacles that have clamped on to my salty heart!

i am capable of love. i love my family, i love my pets.  but, i love having my own place, too.  we’ll see…


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Hey, a cozy wee cott on the Isle of Mull with Gordon Buchanan can’t be all bad.

Comment by lavenderbay

….a girl can dream.

Comment by goodbear

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