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It looks like a jade plant. I have one of those in my garden.

Comment by livingisdetail

My grandmother had a jade plant.

Comment by Gina

Porchlight Plant!

Comment by Checkers

close! (livingisdetail…not checkers)here’s a clue:
Similar to the Jade Plant (Crassula argentea or C. arborea, family Crassulaceae, order Rosales or Saxifragales) in appearance, MYSTERY PLANT has smaller and rounder pads and more compact growth (shorter internodal spaces, down to even 1.5 mm). It is much hardier, faster growing, more loosely branched, and has more limber tapering branches than Crassula.

Comment by goodbear

Beautiful picture, may I post in my site ? Thanks.

Comment by Angel

i guess…sure.

Comment by goodbear

I was going to say Jade Plant. I have a huge one on my patio in a huge pot. It is beautiful and it just finished blooming.

Comment by 4urpets

I know…it’s a venus claptrap!

Comment by Checkers

venus claptrap sounds like a punk band.

Comment by goodbear

What about the dwarf jade – portulacaria afra… and yes I Googled to find that. Is that naughty?

Comment by livingisdetail

[…] previous mystery plant game was fun.  if you’re new to the site, see here and […]

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