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April 3, 2008, 4:20 pm
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because of shyness, personal space issues, etc. i can’t show you the folks i work with…

but i can show you what they eat!  here are the contents of the break room in our office building:


ok, so far so good…


coffee, juice. that’s cool…


many, many lemons….


peanut butter and wine, naturally.

so, there you have it.  an insight into our gang.  12 people.  6 of whom have dogs.  4 have cats.  8 with human children.  5 have been divorced. 5 married, 7 single.  2 confirmed dems, 5 confirmed republicans.   4 women, 8 men.  youngest is 25 years, oldest is 61.


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What kind of wine goes best with peanut butter?

Comment by Checkers

since all wines are made from grapes, they ALL go with peanut butter because grape jelly is peanut butter’s best friend.

Comment by goodbear

I notice no hummus.

Comment by elizabethews

i keep mine at home…you can’t trust anyone with that stuff anymore!

Comment by goodbear

Of course! Wow. You are obviously the smartest person on earth.

Comment by Checkers

Interesting stats. Which one explains the bushel of lemons?

Comment by lavenderbay

women are the bringers of fruit in our office. which, as of today, has grown from 4 to 5. from the buzz i’m hearing…it is an unhappy addition.

time will tell…

Comment by goodbear

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