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welcome to the second installment of “cody bear asks.” today cody bear visits with seamus, the cherished plushie of lavenderbay.  lavenderbay typifies the perfect blog, or web log, by sharing journal entries and pictures which a unique voice.  the writing of lavenderbay is inspirational, the photos are beautiful.  even the comments left on other peoples’ blogs are heartfelt and original! its newest member, seamus, sat down with the virtual cody bear to candidly answer his questions.

(disclaimer: the following interview does not reflect the thoughts of the world wildlife federation, only the thoughts of one of its stuffed turtles.  but please note, both cody bear AND seamus would love you to visit the wwf website and learn more about this great organization…)

 today,  april 4, 2008, cody bear asks….seamus, the wwf turtle plushie


cody bear:  seamus, you’ve only recently had a name and gender assigned to you.  Now that you’re settled in your new identity, what do you plan to contribute to the lavenderbay blog?

seamus: With all the hazards inherent in crossing the sand after hatching, turtles have old souls by the time we first hit the water. As Lavenderbay’s mascot and muse, I inspirit her with encouragement, patience, and occasional comic relief by teasing her with Ellen DeGeneres’s “Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming”.

cb: you live with a very talented story teller who sees symbolism in you as a turtle.  as a turtle, what sentence would YOU use to begin telling HER story?

seamus: Hmm… We turtles, being blessed with longevity, enjoy long sentences and stories of origin, so… “Once upon a time there was a creature descended of expressive, rational Scots, depressive, story-loving Irish, and repressive, apologetic Mennonites, who could logically demonstrate her capabilities as a writer of creative tales, but could never quite convince herself that she had any talent, or that anyone could feel anything other than mild annoyance at having to read her work.” My second sentence, if you’re interested, would start, “One day, someone talked her into starting a blog…”.

cb:  what can we, the common blogger, do to help sea turtles everywhere?

seamus: First, if you’re on the beach at hatching time, bring your binoculars or the zoom lens for your camera, so you can enjoy the drama without getting too near the babies. Second, be very, very careful not to litter; submerged or floating plastic greatly resembles jellyfish, our favourite food, and if we swallow your sandwich wrapper we could die. Third, send e-mails to lobby for controlled beachside development, responsible fishing practices, and alternative employment strategies for humans involved in selling turtle products (leather, shell, or eggs).

cb:  we can’t help but notice that you live with ….a dog.  a young corgi at that!  as a plushie, what are your strategies for staying safe?

seamus: Actually, both the dog and the cat wanted to run off with me the first time they saw me; I suppose they had ulterior motives when they helped to adopt me. I now live in the fruitbowl, nestled among the oranges and sprouting ginger, and while away my time gabbing with the wooden sandpiper; and I never, never squeak.

cb: if you had five wishes for the world, what would they be?

seamus: This is a hard one! Let me think… One: I wish that more humans will stop picking on each other. Two: I wish that the polar bears won’t have to start living on house boats. Three: I wish that the Amazon Rain Forest won’t be chopped down to make corn fields. Four: I wish that the fishes won’t be hunted and poisoned to extinction. Five: I wish that the humans will learn to walk more and drive less.

cb:  if you could write a fortune cookie for each of your closest loved ones, what would they say?

seamus: To Cuca: Good fortune will be yours if you protect the turtle, and disturb it not.

To Cai: Beware squeakless plushies.

To eyegillian: If you can’t be with the pup you want, honey, love the dog you’re with.

To Jack: Success will be yours if you love what you do, and do what you love.

To Lavenderbay: Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.


thanks so much to seamus, the wwf turtle plushy of lavenderbay!  we wish you many years of inspirational blogging!

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That’s a cute interview. Think I’ll mosey on over there.

Comment by 4urpets

Congratulations on your exclusive! What a wonderful conversation — great questions, intriguing answers… such a wise turtle!

Comment by eyegillian

thanks for stopping by eyegillian. i agree, he’s a very wise turtle. it’s good to see things from a reptiles perspective every once in a while. that’s what i always say.

Comment by goodbear

Thank you for posting the interview with Seamus. My blog got 4,397 hits today! Well okay, 32, but still! (By the way, where IS Checkers? I haven’t heard from him in 18 days…)

Comment by lavenderbay

i was seriously just sitting here wondering where checkers has been!
i loved your interview answers!!!

Comment by goodbear

Great interview with Seamus. He is a wise turtle.

Comment by livingisdetail

[…] On April 4, Goodbear posted an interview with Seamus, my WWF Sea Turtle Stuffy. Go straight to it, or if you prefer, click on “cody bear’s […]

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