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acetaminophen and a furry dog for me
April 5, 2008, 5:16 am
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friday night.  cold medicine. rental movie.  canon 20d. dog.

here you see cody bear rocking the photo shoot under florescent lighting.  i don’t really know why there are so many florescent lights in my rental house.  i have my theories….

anyway, there’s a setting for light type, so we set it to florescent and it actually was passing fair.  how could it not be with such a cute model!!

his reward for posing?  outside cheering him on while he runs hell on paws through the back yard chasing his frankenstein toy.


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He is a cutey! I like the shots, especially the 2nd photo. It is soft and captures the details of his beautiful face. Lovely dog!

Comment by Anna Surface

thanks anna! i’m pretty crazy for him…

Comment by goodbear

I hope your cold gets better! Fluorescent lights everywhere. I wonder…

Comment by Checkers

Is a dog nature’s cure for the common cold?

Comment by S. Le

I hope you are feeling better. All these nasty colds – thank goodness they can’t travel via the blogs.

Comment by livingisdetail

Whoops pushed the button too soon. I love these photos of Cody Bear- they are really soft. He looks so cuddly.

Comment by livingisdetail

livingisdetail, hope you’re feeling better.
he really is cuddly. that’s what makes him such a good pet therapy dog. but mostly, he’s a comfort to me.

Comment by goodbear

The last time I was in rehab, I got to pet a beautiful Golden Retriever therapy dog with the softest fur I’ve ever felt and it looked a lot like Cody’s.

Comment by Gina

gina, isn’t it great having a therapy dog around when you’re away from home and not feeling well? i think when cody visits, he knows he’s helping.

Comment by goodbear

[…] one of the few beetles i’ve found in my yard that doesn’t have cody bear fur stuck to him!  instead he has some sort of spider web stuck on his nose.  messy […]

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Love your pooch. Maybe because he looks so similar to mine it’s uncanny. Do you know what breed he is?

Comment by Jen

what kinda of dog is it

Comment by l

mandarin collie. (aussie chow mix)

Comment by goodbear

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