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and a good time was had…by me
April 6, 2008, 5:13 am
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wow, what an awesome saturday. i can’t believe how great today was!

1st of all, my dog was such a good bear! we went on three walks today and he saw a cat each time but didn’t bark once! he spun around a few times and made some squeaking noises, but no barking. AND, each walk a dog barked at him, (the last walk some dog was going nuts at him through a fence) but again, no barking! i would say “let’s go,” and he was a star! this is tremendous for him because he used to go nuts whenever he saw an unknown dog. i’m so pround of him!

THEN! (and you won’t believe this) today was my first day volunteering at a new place. i got to feed a bobcat! she ate little pieces of meat from my hand! i couldn’t believe it! so amazing!

let’s take a break to look at a picture of cody with a duck in his mouth…

ok, back to the wonderful day. then, i had some lovely chats on the phone with friends, followed by a great class at the animal shelter. i hate setting up for class because the equipment is a pain in the (*&%#@, but it didn’t go too badly and i think i only swore 3 times.

so, now i’m home with my great dog and my great cat. i am so excited to start regularly volunteering at this new place. i should get lots of nice photos. but for now….

here’s a pig…

and my shoe.


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Your new volunteer job looks exciting! Bobcats, fuzzy piglets, popcorn-stitch ducks, you’ve got it all!
PS Sounds like a good time was had by Cody, too; he must have been pretty proud of himself.

Comment by lavenderbay

hay goodbear that is a reely kewt pig do yoo think a pig wood make a bettr littel frend for me than a rat maybe dada will get me wun ok bye

Comment by dennisthevizsla

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