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i spy…
April 7, 2008, 5:48 am
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welcome to my living room.  “our living room!” says cody bear.   right, sorry!

obviously you see cody bear.  happy, as he usually is when on his doggie bed, which is a day bed in front of the picture window, facing the street.  dogs, cats, birds, joggers, cyclists; all passing by to amuse him.

lower right hand corner: actual doggie bed.  he only uses that to eat dog biscuits, or lays there in silent protest if i stay up to late.

foreground: books.   my favorite books on this shelf include:  birds of britain and europe(picked up in co. kerry when i finally couldn’t TAKE IT ANYMORE!  the birds there…they’re different!), essay on the principle of population by malthus (please read before procreating), stress in dogs (learn it….live it…take it seriously people), nevada barr’s hard truth, and…a mini wooden cigar box of foreign coins.  all loved ones are required to bring me coins from foreign lands when they travel.

also, that’s a 3 piece wooden pig puzzle from my childhood.

2 bikes: 1 trek, 1 dbs kombi LUX

far shelf:  1 xmas cactus, 1 crown of thorns. (they’re not allll religious plants…you can’t see the philendendron) a picture i took of o’connell street bridge in ’97.  my trusty chicken lamp.  loki’s ashes in a box.

desk full of stationary, kitchen shelves with doggie biscuits and vegetarian cookbooks.

behind cody bear’s ear: a picture of his sister, loki.

and….the thick layer of dust covering the entire room that i don’t see until i look at photographs.  no wonder i’m sneezing!

moving on….


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Is that “Contact” in the foreground? We finally gave away our copy of the video starring Jodi Foster — we’d practically memorized it by then.
Speaking of I Spy, don’t miss your limerick on Turtle’s sidebar. I’m hoping to post a new one for every date that’s a multiple of seven.

Comment by lavenderbay

it is contact. thanks for the limerick. can’t wait to read it to miss kittikins herself when i get home!

Comment by goodbear

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