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invisible paws
April 7, 2008, 7:41 pm
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so, at lunch today, i decided to play around with the camera and a used tripod i picked up at an estate sale. i decided to slow the shutter speed down and wait for cody bear to trot through the frame.  you see, we got some good comments from the shot where he was spinning.  hmmm, maybe you will look fluffier when you’re blurry?

i was going for a “swishy bear” look, but ended up with one invisible paw.  which, of course, is very cool.


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I love the motion shots.

What kind of dog is Cody Bear….besides cute?

Comment by elizabethews

well, we know there’s chow in there because his tongue is purple. but definitely some sort of high energy/herding dog like aussie or sheltie, as well.
some have guessed a little shepherd in there, others see golden. but i don’t agree with that.
we sent dna cheek swabs out, which i blogged about months ago. they came back inconclusive, but they’re retesting him for free. because of the chow and herding dog, i usually just say he’s a mandarin collie and people go, “oh, how nice.”

Comment by goodbear

Blurry Butt. I love it!

Comment by Checkers

Cute fluff butt! It’s fun to play around with a camera.
I left something for you at my place.

Comment by Rusty

an estate sale my grammy and grampy luv estate sales they by all kinds of stuf ther at them like 3d camras and whutnot thats a cute pickcher of cody bear it makes him luk a littel bit like a fox tho if i saw a fox that big i wood get scared and hide behind trixie ok bye — dennis the vizsla

Comment by jamesviscosi

Cody’s right ear is transparent, too. One evening last summer e.g. and Jack experimented with the slow shutter speed. Jack sat on a balcony chair for a few seconds, and then walked away, leaving a ghost of himself in the chair. Keep playing!

Comment by lavenderbay

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