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creatures of the night – nightvision blackberry cam
April 9, 2008, 5:37 pm
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so, being medicated and tucked into my quilt, i had my trusty blackberry, my trusty cat and my trusty dog with me in bed.

the blackberry curve has a camera with flash in it.  lets see how this feature stood up to late night, decongestant induced product testing.

first the dog, resting by my feet…

oooh. that is NOT suitable for framing.

now the cat, coming back to bed after taking her nightly sips from a scotch glass of water she must have on the bedside table…

creepy!  i’m not sure i want these critters sleeping with me!

ok, so the blackberry camera feature is NOT up to snuff, but i still LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!


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I believe your animals are possessed! I read about the virtual belly rub you sent to Checkers. Where’s mine?

Comment by S. Le

That’s a funny story. I have another bloggy friend that is in bed with muscle spasms. I think I’ll send her over here. Maybe she will get a blackberry too!

Comment by 4urpets

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