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April 9, 2008, 3:54 am
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recapping, i did some lame blogging from my blackberry today during jury duty, which i  was not selected for. and my boss let me take the rest of the day off to rest up and kill this cold virus. i should be back to my normal congestion tomorrow!

now, i want you to see some more of my living room.  note: i do not have a couch.  i have a day bed and two cushy chairs.  the day bed has a picture window that overlooks the street.  this is where cody spends much of his time, perhaps, all when i’m gone.

he hangs out there, while i work on the computer. not here…

…on the doggie bed, 3. 5 feet from the day bed.

the cat typically can be found anywhere…

the moral of the story, if you’re thinking about getting a pet, maybe you don’t need to worry about spending the money on a cushy pet bed….

clearly they will still be comfortable.


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Up with printer paper box lids! I’ve seen a few people at the pet store now, examining the kitty beds and wondering which one Fluffy will like best, and I’m thinking, “You do realize she’s a CAT, right?”

Comment by lavenderbay

I hope you are feeling better. Loved the belly rub yesterday!

Comment by Checkers

cody bear looks like Lord of the Plushies on the day bed.

Comment by Checkers

Tucker’s “happy place” is an ottoman that he co-opted for a dog bed. Dennis likes a $20 dog bed from a dog show, while Trixie likes to keep cool by sprawling on the tile. Trouble, of course, rarely leaves her heated cat cups unless I pick her up and carry her around. Ah, to be a pampered pet!

Comment by jamesviscosi

Yes, and you don’t need to buy toys either, as they will be just as happy with a sock.

Comment by elizabethews

It’s just like a cat to lie in a box lid. So cute!

Comment by Gina

Box lids are great…..but plastic bags are PURRRRRFECT!!!

Comment by PennyCat

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