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it is mad lib thursday!!!!
April 10, 2008, 6:39 am
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welcome to the second mad lib thursday! submit your words!

it is thursday and you mayyy be bored at work. if so…welcome to mad lib thursday, where you submit words, and….when my boss is out of the room…. i plug them into text! for background see here, here and here.

i need some words and will plug them into some prose. i’ll take words from everyone and may mix and match them into a few different posts. here’s what i need:

5 verbs

5 nouns

5 adjectives

5 adverbs

2 girls names

2 boys names

3 locations


…and so it begins!


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Are we looking at 10 adverbs here? If only five, you can take whichever ones appeal most.

5 verbs: brighten; hiss; calculate; bake; instruct.
5 nouns: peacock; boojum; fish fork; daybed; strawberry.
5 adjectives: joyful; viridian; Latin; endless; babypowder-scented.
10 adverbs: well; serendipitously; precariously; falsely; mightily; seemingly; rosily; flatly; highly; majestically.
2 girls’ names: Patricia; Ann.
2 boys’ names: Alexander; Bob.
3 locations: in Lake Ontario; under the dining room table; at the drive-in.

Comment by lavenderbay

PS Cody looks like he’s roaring with laughter at the silly stories that’ll ensue!

Comment by lavenderbay

oops no. 10 was a typo! but nice work!

Comment by goodbear

Verbs: frolic,cavort,sway (Penny’s favorites)
adjective: colossal, profound, introspective
adverbs: perilously, unconcernedly, quixotically
Girls names: Gigilina Rosinbena, Loonafish
Boys names: Carmichael, Thadius

Comment by PennyCat

[…] it is mad lib thursday!!!! […]

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One of the best pics of cody bear ever! Fab!

Comment by Checkers

i know! the moment i snapped it….i knew it was a winner!

Comment by goodbear

Love that blue tongue.

Comment by Gina

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