cody bear's friends

herbs and veggies in the workplace!

i’m super excited with my new client: a local organic farm!  they’re friends of mine and i am so glad they finally decided to do a website!  their veg are amazingly delicious and diverse!

i love their farm and i wish they would adopt me and cody bear.  it would be great to quit my job, pack up our stuff and move to their beautiful land, about an hour outside of town.

truthfully, cody bear is a city dog. i don’t know if he would last very long in the wildlands.  for him….off leash, without a bag of yummies sans tweezers and filtered water is wildlands. but i digress….

look forward to pictures of herbs, chunky root veggies, crisp leafy greens and succulent fruits!


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…And if friends came to call, would they find you under a cabbage leaf?

Comment by lavenderbay

What kind of kibble is that in the picture?

Comment by Checkers

Its fun in the country Cody Bear, I have bunnies, and deer, coyotes, skunks, and even a bear or two outside my door!!! Plus I hear that my cool wet grass feels awesome on paws.

Comment by PennyCat

ok, i admit it! as much as cody bear is a city dog…i’m a city girl. you won’t find me under ANY veggies because…that is where the creepy crawly bugs are!

Comment by goodbear

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