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literary interview: a dragon’s perception
April 11, 2008, 7:00 am
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“ASK A DRAGON!” ….but duck when she answers!

Cody Bear recently had a virtual sit down with T’Sian, the dragon at the heart of James Viscosi’s “Dragon Stones”. Located in a mythical land with a cast of distinctive and spirited characters, “Dragon Stones” hits e-shelves in June 2008 and can be purchased at or  Viscosi is a previously published author, and Cody Bear recommends you visit his site to peruse the books.  But, be warned, these books are for brave readers…

Today, April 11th, 2008, Cody Bear asks….T’Sian the Dragon!

Cody Bear:  T’Sian….What’s it like being a dragon?

T’Sian: Well, it is definitely superior to being a human.  I pity those who must stumble through life shambling about on two legs, senses dull as soggy bread, unable to fly or breathe fire, only living a few measly decades.  It can be lonely, though; I rarely see other dragons anymore, even in the places where we used to gather.  I believe our population may be in decline, which makes the crime against my hatchlings even more heinous.

CB: you’ve recently partnered with a human on an endeavor to find personal vindication and rescue humans.  Did you have any doubts working with a human, and how is it working out so far?

T’Sian:  Let me be clear that I did not set out to rescue any humans.   If I did happen to rescue any, and I am not saying that I did, it was only because doing so served my larger goal, which was to get revenge on the men who came into my lair and murdered my hatchlings.  As to doubts, I had many, as in my experience humans are unreliable and not particularly intelligent.  I had the good fortune to meet Pyodor Ponn, who appears to be an exception to this general rule, and he has been a steadfast ally.  However, I still consider the majority of humankind to be irredeemably benighted, as evidenced by the actions of the so-called Lord Dunshandrin.

CB: Tell us about Dunshandrin, yours and Ponn’s shared nemesis:

T’Sian:  Dunshandrin is the petty human ruler of a smallish kingdom some great distance from my lair.  He made the mistake of dispatching mercenaries to my home to retrieve some items that he believed would help him in his mad quest to obtain more territory from a neighboring country whose name escapes me as, like most human endeavors, it is hardly worth my attention.  I do not know why he thought he could take such action against me and live, but he covered his tracks well and it took considerable effort to learn his identity.  Now that I have found him, I will make him pay.

CB:  As a dragon and the protagonist of this tale, what is your ideal happy ending for your story?

T’Sian:  As my hatchlings are forever lost to me, the best I can hope for is that the story will end in a great deal of fire (of my own making, of course), along with much wailing and screaming on the part of Dunshandrin and his twin sons and whatever minions are foolish enough to stand with him, followed by their futile pleading as I swallow them one by one. I will save Lord Dunshandrin for last.  After that, I may or may not set fire to Dunshandrin’s entire kingdom, depending on how tired I am and whether or not eating him has satisfied my need for vengeance.

CB: after “Dragon Stones” ends, what is next for your originator, James Viscosi?

T’Sian:  This depends on whether or not I find his telling of my story to be satisfactory.  If it is not, I may be forced to eat him as well.  Assuming I permit him to live, he has mentioned that he plans to continue to “raid” what he calls his “back catalog” of unpublished novels and make them available online.  Evidently he was saving them in the hope of landing an agent or a multi-book deal from a publisher, but has now decided to go ahead and publish them himself.  Typical rash human behavior.

CB:  and finally, have any dogs been harmed in this “Dragon Stones” Idle?

T’Sian:  I am quite sure that I did not see or hear a single dog over the course of my adventure.  However, if the fate of dogs is a concern of yours, you would be advised to steer clear of Mr. Viscosi’s vampire novel, as I understand that the vampires are rather hard on the canines they encounter.

Thanks so much for taking the time to tell us about your tale!  Good luck on your adventure!

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Just to let readers know, the lulu address won’t work until Dragon Stones is finished and released. I’ll post a notice at the site when this happens!

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