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April 15, 2008, 4:08 pm
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as i mentioned in the bikini model post yesterday, the morning began with a near miss and an ounce of road rage in our neighborhood.  cody bear was the cause, i was the bystander. it is only fitting that my work day actually ended with an impact.

the week we got our new company truck, my coworker was rear-ended outside one of our clients’ offices.  (they happen to be our insurance agent, as well)

yesterday afternoon, at that exact same intersection….there was a car accident.  i was at a stop sign facing east.  a pontiac with four people was driving south, no stop sign, going about 40mph and an 70ish woman was NOT STOPPING at her stop sign directly across from me.  i tried using my “imminent terror” face that i used earlier that morning…again….ineffective.  she blew through the sign. the pontiac t-boned her and they both ended up 3 feet from my door.  the crash made my feet go numb.

what’s funny is, i was nervous for my near miss.  till a couple hours later i actually realized that her tiny lexus and his pontiac at the MOST would have given my boss’s mammoth truck nothing more than a jiggle.

anyway….the guy was hysterical and would not stop yelling at the lady, so i had to call the police.  the police that terrify me.  so, that was the afternoon.

no one was hurt!  but i really thought he was going to hit her in the face.  he just kept screaming estupido estupido!


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Sometimes barks replace bites. Hitting the old lady would have whisked that guy out of the right and into the wrong in a flash. You must have felt like jelly for the rest of the day!

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