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secrets from deep within the junk drawer
April 15, 2008, 4:23 pm
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sitting at my desk last night, i opted for blatant procrastination over work.  i started pulling crap out of my top desk drawer, ….my collect all:

being the top desk drawer, it should have important stuff, that i use.  but it doesn’t.  i don’t use any of this stuff  . . . anymore:

paw print stamp

divot tool from scotland

wool dog doy, no squeaker, which is why it is unused

34 cent stamps

plastic 3″ ruler with letter opener

car dealership golf ball

pink chapstick


dog bookmark

picture of long lost family members

hello kitty key ring with keys from house i lived in ten years ago in a different city


256kb jump drive. as IF!

garage sale dot stickers

red sharpie

swiss army knife

jewelry connectors for beading (i don’t, and have never, made jewelry)

1 dead AA battery

8 year old pepper spray

nail file

box of matches…with one match inside

and here’s the peanut gallery, wondering why i’m not just going to bed if i’m not going to get some work done:

sorry peanuts, but as cute and tired as you are, i must make myself more tired in the a.m. by not having accomplished anything.  that’s my destiny….


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Wow, you have cool junk! I was thinking, what if a Swiss Army knife had a red Sharpie built in? That would be pretty great! Or a Swiss Army knife with a built in spare golf ball…

Comment by Checkers

swiss army knife with treat dispenser?
beef jerky book mark?

Comment by goodbear

Unimportant! How can you say that? I would keep it all in that drawer. Sounds like you need nothing else!

Comment by S. Le

Wait, wait, what lost family members? Where? How long have they been missing?

Comment by PennyCat

no worries….they’re not from your side of the family penny!

Comment by goodbear

I have drawers like that – even when I moved I think I just took the drawers along with all the junk still inside.

Comment by livingisdetail

I take it all the little kleenex sheep weren’t from the drawer. 🙂 I cant’t stand clutter — but I tolerate housework even less. Our third-floor entrance is beginning to look like a dirt-floored cottage.
Are your lost family members living in the same village as mine and e.g.’s? They must all go somewhere.

Comment by lavenderbay

no, there from just a few minutes of allergy torture. do you see how i suffer????

Comment by goodbear

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