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ww – wishfilling cow
April 16, 2008, 4:13 am
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This is a fine cow. A very fine cow. Did I tell you how fine a cow this is? It is a very, very, verily fine cow.

Comment by Checkers

She’s cute~

Comment by Rusty

cute, fine…and brings good fortune…i’m told.

Comment by goodbear

(When Checkers comes to visit, you might want to stash the lucky cow on a high shelf — you do know corgis are cow herds, right???)

Comment by lavenderbay

This cow would be easy to herd. I would pick her up (gently) in my mouth and put her where I thought she needed to be!

Comment by Checkers

Tell us then, about the wish fulfilling properties of this cow and how the rest of us can come into possession of one!

Comment by S. Le

i’m glad you asked s. le! in feng shui, if you sit your cow on a bed of your coins, it is supposed to bring answers to your wishes or good fortune. i have also heard you should keep it in the north part of your living room.
i have kept mine in a drawer in my desk, which is probably why i’m spending time blogging and not cashing checks all over the place!

Comment by goodbear

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