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on the road with cody bear and checkers – welcome to roswell!
April 18, 2008, 9:04 pm
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wishing to experience the sites and smells of america, checkers and cody bear thought it was high time to embark on a series of road trips. equipped with no technology other than checkers’ juice phone, armed with their superior sense of smell, these young, luggage free and very cunning dogs set out to tour the country in short treks, arriving home every night just in time for kibble!

since the new x-files movie is coming out soon, they thought they would sniff their way through roswell, nm to see if they could get some background on aliens….

probably the less said about their visit to the museum the better.  the aliens smelled funny and ….imagine what one of those giant martian heads look like to a little corgi.

to sum it up, they had a great time at the crash down diner.  delicious fries with gravy! they did meet some nice folks in roswell.  a woman named marilyn gave them each a bum scratch and some carrot muffins.  another lady, dorothy, pointed them in the right direction when their bellies started grumbling and it was time to make for home.

where to next?  we’ll have to wait and see…


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Nothing better than a ROAD TRIP!!! Where will the crazy adventurous pair go to next?

Comment by Anna & the pack

You know, my juice phone had 6 bars in Roswell! As you can see, the aliens freaked me out a bit, but cody bear kept me safe. I am glad he knew about the diner-never had fries with gravy before. Outrageously good!
Odd town, but nice folks. We had a super time!

Comment by Checkers

This is fun! It’s like “Amelie” without needing the help of the flight attendant (or the garden gnome).

Comment by lavenderbay

[…] no tongue thing! I dreamed about UFO’s. That trip to Roswell is really playing with my […]

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This is too cute. I gotta get photoshop!

Comment by 4urpets

You are having far too much fun with Photoshop! These are fab posts; very clever!

Comment by S. Le

Checkers does look like he saw an alien, a ham sandwich or something. Wow Cody looks like he’s trying to scare the aliens off. Too funny. Maybe you can see Tuffy on his campaign trail with your photoshop thingy.

Comment by Gina

Cody Bear doesn’t have a second set of jaws that shoots out and retracts, does he? 😮

Comment by jamesviscosi

oh my god mr. viscosi, that is too funny!

Comment by goodbear

[…] on the road with cody bear and checkers – welcome to roswell! […]

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[…] but with less frequency. and, if checkers is up for it, there are more road trips planned akin to roswell and the whitehouse trip!  we may even do some more cnn headline jumbles!  and more more MORE […]

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ehh, i always wanted to go for some kind of ride like regards

Comment by Roswell

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