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on the road with cody bear: vegas: bright lights, big kitties
April 18, 2008, 5:48 am
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maybe it was a mistake taking cody bear to vegas….

las vegas. it wasn’t an ideal destination for this dear dog. gambling was wasted on him:

1. he had no pockets in which to carry his quarters or chips.

2. “poker face” was completely blown with wagging tail. we all knew what he was holding!

3. 4.99 all you can eat buffet is just not worth it when you’re two feet shorter than the sneeze guard and you don’t have a thumb….so you can’t use the tongs.

4. cirque de soleil performers ban cody bear from all performances, claiming his fur sticks to their make up.

5. he kept wanting to pee on the stratosphere…

6. completely misunderstood the meaning of…..”craps.”

7. seeing siegreid and roy’s cats shook him to the core and his view of cats as prey crumbled.

…ok….maybe i’m spending too much time trying to learn photoshop….


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Tell codybear that the next time he goes to Vegas to take me along. He could stand on my back to reach the buffet for both of us. I also think there is a app on my juice phone that calculates odds and can sometimes reprogram slots to pay out!

Comment by Checkers

so, checkers, you won’t mind if cody bear takes you on one of his photoshop adventures???

Comment by goodbear

Actually crapping and peeing is all Las Vegas is good for in my opinion!

Fab post!

Comment by S. Le

thanks s. le!
i haven’t been to vegas in about 15 years. i wasn’t into because i don’t see that gambling is any fun.
we’ll send the dog and his travel buddy (surprise) somewhere more fun next time!

Comment by goodbear

And yet he still had better luck at the video poker machines than I do. 😉

Comment by sparkychronicles

Photo shop—-FUN. Wasn’t it expensive? I want it but can’t afford it.

Comment by Gina

it is photoshop elements, which is less expensive. but i got it at work.

Comment by goodbear

Let’s go!

Comment by Checkers

remember what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas Cody Bear!!

Comment by NY hamptonite

Aw, so cute. He looks like he belongs there. I really cracked up over the “craps” bit.

Comment by lfields

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