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afro ken gets serious….presidentially serious.
April 21, 2008, 3:56 pm
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it was time for checkers and cody bear to head to the nation’s capitol. they decided it was time for afro ken to hit the road, too. he has a great internal compass.

tomorrow being earthday, the elections on the horizon, the dogs pulled some strings, wagged some tails and licked some faces and were able to visit the oval office…

there was some grumblings among secret service and random staffers about who let the dogs on the white house couches, but no one gave them any trouble. obviously they were important canine ambassadors to be hanging out in the white house.

all in all, having the three visit was a breath of fresh air for the president, his wife and their staffers. checkers and spotty had an AWESOME fake fight on the white house lawn and cody bear left many pee-mails on pennsylvania avenue.

afro ken was much more serious. he took advantage of the opportunity to pick the brains of the powers that be on topics of great importance. the war: note the peaceful colors of afro ken’s wig. clearly he would love to see a peaceful resolution. earth day. safety in imported pet foods. all huge topics. we can’t wait to see the impact of his discussions.

(check out their previous and SCARY trip here)


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ROFL…Now I can’t type cause I’m laughing to hard! You are good! 🙂

Comment by goodtimepolitics

I found three Cheetos in between the couch cushions.
President Bush loved my tongue thing. My new nickname is “Tonguey!”

Comment by Checkers

glad you could visit the blog goodtimepolitics!

Comment by goodbear

tonguey??? that’s hilarious!

Comment by goodbear

Great roadtrip! Be sure to lobby for a rawhide stimulus rebate for every canine.

Comment by Hannah


Comment by Paul

Free Fancy Feast for all!!! And the right to arm Bears (bet you can’t guess who that is from)

Comment by PennyCat

thanks paul!

Comment by goodbear

oh that’s penny….always thinking with her stomach!

Comment by goodbear

That Cody Bear sure seems to be getting around and visiting all sorts of places lately.

Comment by Preston Surface

So did you give old “W” a good nip in the butt? He certainly needs one! Congrats on getting by the Secret Service! You two probably charmed them.

Comment by S. Le

The Prez and Condi seem oblivious to you three. Could they secretly be dog-unfriendly?

Comment by Gina

Does Afro Ken have any ambitions towards the next election? ‘Cause it looks like sofa so good!

Comment by lavenderbay

Gina, the President loves dogs; I don’t know about the Secretary of State. Condi came in to get something clarified, President Bush said let’s do it now, so I can get back to the boys. He then helped us pull the cushions off the couch so we could look for treats. He kept the change he found so he could later buy sodas for guests from the vending machine down the hall. Afro Ken actually found a pork rind in the couch. Wonder how long that’s been there…?

Comment by Checkers

what he didn’t mention that what condi needed to “clarify” was the take out menu for macky’s sub stop. great timing, too! dubya ordered a ham sandwich for checkers, a french dip for cody bear, and a cobb salad for afro ken. dubya got the classic cheeseburger. they all split one large order of french fries….since onion rings are bad for dogs…

Comment by goodbear


Comment by jonsquared

Wow, a Blog crossover episode, I saw a CSI crossover episode like that where the CSI boss guy whose name I can’t think of at the moment appeared on CSI Miami.
Whata great trip you 3 guys had.

Comment by Tasmaniac

hey jon and tas, thanks for stopping by!
yes, those three do make a good travel team!

Comment by goodbear

[…] frequency. and, if checkers is up for it, there are more road trips planned akin to roswell and the whitehouse trip!  we may even do some more cnn headline jumbles!  and more more MORE […]

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