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every day is earth day here at cody bear’s friends!
April 22, 2008, 6:35 pm
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that’s right! we try really hard to stay green. but still, there are a few more things we are going to try to work on every day from here on out.

1. i waste food. i do. example. i buy a loaf of healthy bread (about 3.69).  then i bring it home and i never eat it. i end up throwing it out when i realize it is probably gross and i have no idea how long it has been in there. i’m not doing that any more!

2. take better care of my health. this way i lower my risk of getting sick as i age and resources won’t be wasted on my healthcare. (that’s the theory, anyway) but you never know. somethings are beyond our control. but, i do want to get into better cardiac health….

3. the world is full of negativity. and hate. i promise from here on out to stop making fun of the flds ladies’ hair do’s anymore. or people in general. just IN CASE my picking on folks is contributing to the planet’s negative vibe.

4. i am going to RE-ATTEMPT to stop drinking soda. the packaging (can, plastic, whatever) isn’t helping this planet. besides it is TERRIBLE for me. i HAVE to quit. (as i sip my icey coke…)

5. ride my bike to the grocery store more frequently. (its a very short ride, but i don’t like riding my bike if i have to buy big things.  i just don’t feel comfortable carrying a twenty-four pack of cottonelle on my handle bars.)

ok, that’s good for now. i’ll probably add more soon.  we’ve actually been doing a good job at our recent efforts: buying locally grown veggies,  new water filtration system, reusing bottles, etc.

…so…i think we’re going to do all right!

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My owner tried to quit diet Coke cold turkey last month. He made it 5 days, the headaches never went away, and he gave up. “There are worse things I could be doing,” he rationalized. You have good ideas for Earth Day. Good luck!

Comment by Checkers

Good luck with everything you are attempting to do especially the soda thing. I drink Diet Rite that doesn’t have caffeine, salt, sugar or carbs. And it still tastes good. Can you believe that?

Comment by Kathryn

thanks checkers and kathryn. i am already knowing i will want a coke in the morning!

Comment by goodbear

I like idea #2 – maybe running is in your future?

Comment by Hannah

Oh dear, healthy eating… well, the virtual cookies E.g. sent you come from a hear-health cookbook, but I substituted half the raisins for chocolate chips… I suppose you could always pick out the chips…

Comment by lavenderbay

that’s very good start, you make me the mint plant i have some couple of it here. used to flavor in my englisg cream.
Great one.Happy WW!

Comment by maya

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