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yes…about my cat…the one with dirty feet
April 23, 2008, 10:23 pm
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it is time to blog about my cat (i can only remain wordless for so long!), who has been acting even weirder than normal, lately.  she will be ten this summer.  maybe she is going through a feline mid life crisis

have you ever seen those giant moth balls that are on a piece of plastic that you hang inside your bathroom bowl?  they’re really hard to find.  there is one store in town, some super walmart, that carries them.  i have to get them because if i don’t, … cat will spend all day playing in the toilet.  (before you suggest lowering the lid…it’s broken and i don’t feel like pestering the land lord for little things like that, as i want him to be more apt to help should a creepy neighbor problem arise)

anyway….it is gross.  she gets kitty litter/toilet water paw prints on the seat.  orrr, she will expect to sit on my lap and purr after that, then i have to treat her like a diseased mutant.

she also loves to hang out in the bathroom sink, but even more so…the tub.  she waits outside the shower curtain impatiently while i’m showering.  as soon as i open the curtain, she’s in.

that picture? that is her contemplating the giant mothball last night.  she hates those things!  heh heh heh.

she does weirder things, i can’t even mention them they’re so weird.

the dumbest thing she does….pounces on the dog when he runs in from the back yard.  he is tolerating it for the time being, but one day he might just put his paw down.

i love her, though, i do.  she gets over shadowed by cody bear alot.

ok, enough about the cat.


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Pooh Bear used to curl up and sleep in the bathroom sinks, and she would also like to jump in the shower after it was used and lick up the water in the tub. Cats are inscrutable little beasts but we love them anyway!

Comment by jamesviscosi

I had a sink-sitting kitty once, who went bald after I oil-painted the windowless bathroom. It grew back eventually, but… just saying…

Comment by lavenderbay

Your cat looks a great deal like The Evil Fred.

I had a cat once who just loved the water. He also wanted to drink out of the sink and the fish tank was his very favourite drinking water source!

Comment by S. Le

She’s beautiful. I love black cats. If I take a bath (I’m a shower person) Tuffy comes in the bathroom and licks the water on the top/side of the tub.

Comment by Gina

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