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mad lib thursday begins
April 24, 2008, 2:14 pm
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hi everyone.  last week’s mad lib was pretty good.  please submit words, if you can.

here’s what we need:

verbs 6

nouns 7

adjectives 6

adverbs 5

girls names 2

boys names 2

locations 2


i should have done this yesterday, as it was very slow and boring at work.  today might be busy, but i will hopefully get 2 or 3 mad libs up…if i get enough words.


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How about location: Minas Tirith

Comment by foxrafer

good one foxrafer! i’ll throw it in there.

Comment by goodbear

[…] mad lib thursday begins […]

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Noun: Fancy Feast, my bowl
Verbs: Lick, purrr, rub
locations: on my plastic bag, in the sun
adverb: bitingly

Comment by PennyCat

paramount, conflagration, expeditious, inudation, imperiously, brazenly, dim, austere, persnickety, dawdle, quieten, silver-tongued, deperado, stymie,

locations: FisherSettlement, Big M

Comment by ny hamptionite

run, brandish, speak, crawl, shout, eat

mouse, elephant, rock, abacus, bed, picture, fan

purple, rotund, loud, quiet, tiny, bright

boldly, meekly, happily, expeditiously, sadly

Jill, Jane

Gunther, Sam

Costa Rica, Prague

Comment by Hannah

chomp, chase, run, jump, twirl, fetch

dog, cat, mom, puddle, couch, duck, yard

blue, yellow, round, square, giant, small

yesterday, very, there, quickly, immediately

Sally, Sandra

Rusty, Cody 🙂

school, home

Comment by Rusty

thanks for participating everyone! the mad libs are up!

Comment by goodbear

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